The 7 best app maker platforms for any business idea

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Written by Liam Donoghue, Marketing Executive


There are a lot of app building platforms out there. Deciding which one is right for you can be tricky?

What do you prioritize? Cost, usability, the number of features included in the platform? These should all be considered, but we think a good approach to picking a platform is finding one that only focuses on fixing your business problem. 

An app building platform that claims it can do everything under the sun is going to be less suited to finding a solution to your specific business needs. And if a generic app builder can solve your app-related problem it will probably require a ‘hacky’ workaround. You’ll find the platform limiting as it doesn’t have features created specifically for your industry.   

We believe the best solution is finding an app creation platform that only helps one type of entrepreneur. The tools are geared to your niche and all the features you might need are ready to go. 

Below we’ve listed our favorite niche-specific app maker platforms, so whether you need to create an e-learning mobile app or the next Angry Birds there’s a solution for you. app maker logo – E-learning 

If you’re a coach, teacher, or tutor and you want to share your lessons via a mobile app look no further than Our platform is a no-code, drag-and-drop app creation platform that lets users easily upload lessons to a platform they control.

Yapp App Maker logo

Yapp – Event Management 

If you’re looking for an app that can help you manage events look no further than Yapp. The platform requires no coding skill and you can create your app using their online editor.   

Its really useful for social events, business meetings, conventions & trade shows. Its features include one-track/multi-track scheduling, lists, invitations, pdfs/docs upload, social feed, ticketing, polls, & picture galleries.

If you run corporate events, networking evenings, or large fundraisers Yapp is the app builder for you. 

Biznessapps app maker logo

Bizness Apps – Brick and mortar businesses

Do you need a virtual storefront on the app stores for your restaurant, beauty salon, estate agency, or consultancy? If you want to own some marketing space in the app store to advertise your business services, locations, and reviews Bizness Apps is built for you. 

This app builder comes with a lot of features geared towards small local businesses. You can add directions to your business, give away coupons, and create a loyalty program via the platform. 

If you run a bar or salon and want another way to engage with your customers this platform will let you do that.

GameSalad app maker logo

GameSalad – Mobile app games 

Do you need an entry point into mobile game development? GameSalad gives people with little or no coding skills a platform to create mobile and web gaming applications.  

It has an easy to master visual interface, you can import graphics and decide your games logic all without writing a line of code. GameSalad comes with multiple templates and demos for you to base a basic game off and the platform has advanced features for more seasoned developers.

Swiftic app maker logo

Swiftic – Building brand awareness

If you looking for a tool to boost your brand awareness look no further than Swiftic. This platform is great for mid-level companies that want to drive engagement to their brand and capture that engagement to use for other marketing campaigns.  

How does it do that? Swiftic had a lot of features geared towards user engagement including; in-app coupons, customer reviews, push notifications, and post scheduling. 

If you want an app that will keep your customers engaged with your brand, Swiftic is for you.

Builder app maker logo – eCommerce  

Are you looking to make the next ASOS? Or maybe you want to sell homemade jewellery. The only way you’re going to be able to do that is via an eCommerce store. has one of the best platforms on the market to get you set up with a mobile eCommerce store fast. is free of third-party branding and offers secure payouts so you can get on with shifting your stock.

Mobile Roadie App Maker Logo

MobileRoadie – Music artists, personal branding

This is probably the most expensive platform on our list. It has a slew of great features that can be used by a lot of business models. Where it really stands out for us however is its music player and fan wall. These are both killer features for influencers celebrities, and musicians who want a platform they can use to connect with their audience.

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