Why choose Passion.io to help you develop a fitness app?

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Written by Dan Harvey, Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer


Building your own personal training app has never been easier. With Passion.io you can create an app in minutes. Our easy to use app builder lets you create an app with our drag-and-drop interface and you can upload content to your app with just a few clicks.  

Don’t worry about dealing with expensive development teams or flighty freelancer. You have total control over your app. You design it, you build it, all without having to write a line of code.

If you’re looking for a tool that lets you break away from trading time for money, teaching 1 on 1 in the gym, and sacrificing your social life to make ends meet then Passion.io is the solution for you.  

Check us out below:

Why use Passion.io?

We’re designed for fitness experts

Our platform was originally designed for fitness experts. When we first built our software, personal trainers made up the biggest proportion of our experts. This meant they decided what new features we built for our platform and it is loaded with cool widgets and functionality a personal trainer would love.

You can add worksheets and downloadable nutrition guides to your lessons, upload video content to your app that allows people to train along with you. Our platform lets you add timers to your lessons and loop exercises so your app users can perfect their form and technique.  

We’ve worked with fitness influencers

Passion.io has helped a lot of fitness influencers and ‘big name’ coaches enter the mobile app market. When we founded our company in 2016 our goal was to help fitness experts monetize their audiences with our app platform.

Our mission is a bit different now, we want to give EVERYONE the chance to monetize their skills with a mobile app. But the expertise and lessons we learned helping fitness experts haven’t gone anywhere, and we’ve taken those experiences and worked them into our platform. If you’d like to see some examples of fitness influencers we’ve helped check out the apps below.

Barstarzz BTX is the fitness app from Ed Checo.
Badass Body X is the fitness app of Christmas Abbott.

We give you the mindset for success

Passion.io isn’t just a fitness app development platform. We also provide business and mindset training that’ll make your app a success. Our two flagship programs are the Expert Unleashed Challenge and The Expert Freedom Challenge. Done one after the other, the challenges will take you from nothing to your own mobile app and 100 clients in 3 months. Here’s a quick breakdown of the challenges:

The Expert Unleashed Challenge

The Expert Unleashed Challenge or EUC for short, is our entry-level program for people just starting out with Passion.io. It gives you the knowledge you need to create an app that really sells, will help you find your dream customer, and get them to design your app for you. The goal of the EUC is to get you 5-15 high paying clients.

Expert Freedom  

The next step in your PassionFighter journey (Anyone who uses our platform is called a PassionFighter), Expert Freedom’s goal is to increase your app users to 100. It does this by teaching you to market your services outside of your immediate social circle.


If you’re looking for an easy to use app building platform that’ll give you the tools, training, and mindset for success look no further than Passion.io.