Finding success in an upside-down economy can be tricky, especially if you're just getting started. If there’s one thing you need to succeed, it’s world-class coaching.

You have to be really lucky to be surrounded by a lot of intelligent and inspiring individuals when you’re starting out. Proper advice coming at the right moment is priceless.

This is why we decided to offer you the same thing: some of the best leaders and creators sharing their secrets to scaling successful businesses. 

We’re introducing:

Power Your Passion LIVE - The #1 Event for App Creators

Our annual event for App Creators where we discuss the art of attracting, converting & retaining big-ticket clients is coming on 28-29 June. 

With this 2-day virtual event, we want to help you get ahead of this changing economy, grow your app, and build a recession-proof business. We’ll give you all the tools and playbooks while preparing your mindset for success in 2022. 

Power Your Passion LIVE 2022 Speakers 

Six internationally recognized speakers will talk about three essential things: 

  • Attention—how to attract more clients for your business
  • Conversion—how to convert followers into clients and upsell
  • Success—how to create & maintain success while blocking your inner critic

Dan Harvey

You already know Dan,’s co-founder. He’s helped 7,000+ creators serve 400k+ clients and has all the secrets to scaling 7-figure apps and growing successful businesses. 

He’ll be tackling all three pillars: attention, conversion, and success. His talks will include: 

  • The DM System - The ‘No-Excuses’ Method Anyone Can Use To Get A Stream Of High-Paying Clients
  • The Golden Glove - How To Sell Without Selling
  • The PassionFighter’s Superpower: The One Thing All Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

Phil Gibbs

Phil Gibbs is a legend in the referral community. He doesn’t believe in paying for ads or needing a big audience to sell like crazy. I’ve known him for a few years and every time we chat, I take at least 3 new tricks home. 

Phil’s joining Power Your Passion LIVE to speak about how referrals are the fastest (and safest) way to grow your business. He’ll reveal the predictable referral systems that are working for App Creators in 2022.

Jasmin Manke 

Your next speaker is Jasmin Manke, an executive coach & best-selling author who helps entrepreneurs attract their ideal clients through powerful relationship building, magnetic marketing, and brand alignment.

After joining the Forbes 30u30 list in 2021, it’s safe to say that Jasmin knows a thing or two about attracting the ‘right’ clients to your app. That’s why the title of her speech is: How to Quickly Attract Ideal Clients to Your App.

Georgia Rickard

Georgia Rickard is a multi-award-winning Australian-born travel journalist, author, and former editor of Australia's largest selling travel magazine, Australian Traveller.

Georgia’s going to talk about the subtle art of social media, and how to turn storytelling into story selling. This talk will change the way you use social media forever.

Claire James

​Claire is a Leadership and Entrepreneurial Coach who works with leaders across the UK and Europe, including me! She now also coaches the senior team here at She taught us that if you want real, lasting, and meaningful change, you have to go deep… and you have to have courage. 

The title of her talk is: Harnessing The Power Of Your Inner Champions And Critics.

Eileen Wilder

The last speaker I want to introduce is Eileen Wilder, a big-ticket sales expert and virtual events coach. She’s co-founded several successful online brands and runs a podcast that helps people get unstuck and turn their passion into 6-figure profits.

You will hear her talk about: How To Close 6-Figures in 60 Minutes Using Virtual Events

I’m sure you’ll get plenty of new insights into succeeding online. After all, every single one of these creators is a self-made 7 to 8-figure success.

FAQs about Power Your Passion LIVE: 

Who will be there? 

  • Six of the most successful PassionFighters, showing you exactly how they did it. 


  • 28th & 29th June
  • CET (Europe): 15:00 - 20:00
  • PST (LA): 06:00 - 11:00
  • EST (NYC): 09:00 - 14:00
  • GMT (UK): 14:00 - 19:00
  • AEST (Sydney): 23:00 - 04:00


  • 100% Virtual - join no matter where you are! Get your ticket and we’ll send you the private link

How can I join? 

  • Early Bird tickets are AVAILABLE NOW with the code: EARLYBIRD39

The price of the tickets is $99, but you can grab an early-bird ticket for $39 for a limited time.