Why you only need 100 true fans for business success

Is it better to have thousands of followers or just a handful of loyal customers? Podcast guest li Jin believes 100 true fans is all you need for business success. Find out why in the show.

How a solid dream customer avatar can net you over €2000!

Defining your dream customer is an essential part of your marketing strategy. If you don't know who they are how can you sell to them?

Adapting your 6-week challenge based on user data

How can iterative design practices help you develop a product and app your clients will love? Watch this podcast with Keith Kern to find out how.

How did Ambarina Hasan use customer feedback to improve her app?

Customer feedback is a powerful tool. Use it well and it can greatly improve your product and inform your business roadmap.

How did Georiga Rickard grow The Travel Bootcamp from $700 a week to £150,000 in a weekend?

How did Georgia Rickard scale her business from $700 a week to $150K in a weekend? She shares her story in this Passion.io podcast.

How to succeed in the Passion Economy with Adam Davidson

What is the Passion Economy and how can you make it work for you? We spoke with the author of The Passion Economy book, Adam Davidson, about the rule for success in this new economic framework.

Mastering the mindset for success

Developing a success mindset within yourself is vital if you want to achieve your goals in business. Radcliff Durousseau spoke to Dan about creating a success mindset in this show.

Maximizing your organic reach

How can you maximize your organic reach on social media and attract clients to your business? Chanté Sandiford told us her strategies in this podcast.

Staying motivated as an entrepreneur

How do you stay motivated as an entrepreneur? It can be difficult when you are your own boss. PassionFighter, Alexis Salin, shared her motivation secrets in this podcast.

How to build an engaged and active online community

What's the secret to building an engaged online community? How do you manage the group? Tammi Green shared her secrets and tips in this show.

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