How can a custom mobile app grow your business?

Custom mobile apps for business

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Written by Liam Donoghue, Marketing Executive


Mobile apps are powerful marketing and sales tools. The worldwide web is no longer the dominant force in digital marketing. The rise of the smartphone in the late noughties has seen businesses pivot towards apps as a way to generate revenue and leads. 

With this shift has come a plethora of app agencies, do it yourself app builder platforms, and no-code app tool kits. These are all designed to put app development into the hands of everyone, not just the wealthy elite. 

With small and medium businesses now able to leverage the power of mobile apps there are more ways than ever to use a mobile app to grow your company and brand.


What is a custom mobile app?

A custom mobile app is an app that you can edit and control. Whether that’s via a development team or through using an app builder platform. If you can upload content to your app, change the style and look of the app then its a custom mobile app. 

Platforms like Kajabi, Udemy, or Youtube aren’t custom apps. You can upload content on to them but they have their own branding on the platform. They are also web platforms and don’t live on the app stores.  


What can a custom mobile app do for your business?

There are many ways a custom mobile app can benefit your business. They can help you improve your brand awareness, communicate with your customers, and find new business leads. We’ve listed the benefits a custom mobile app can have on your business below: 


They make you money

Having your own custom business app helps you generate revenue. Your app can be an eCommerce store or promote your business’s services. Your app will be front and center when someone opens their phone so you have plenty of chances to market your services to a prospective customer.   


They are scalable

Apps are great tools because they scale so easily. Once you’ve built your app it is good to go. It can be download by 10, 100, or 1000 people, and all you need to do is manage and maintain one application.  If you have a new offer or product for your audience that can be communicated and promoted through the app and it provides you with a direct line of communication with your audience. 


They are personal 

A mobile app is the best way to give your customers a great experience. They can access your business straight from their pocket and you can build your app with them directly in mind. This will create a truly personal experience for your app users.


They are fun

Apps are easier to use and easier on the eye than clunky websites or online platforms. People are more inclined to use apps to solve their problems and purchase products. Websites are on the way out.  



There are loads of ways your business could benefit from a mobile app. So before you dive in and start building a custom mobile app for your business do your research and find the best platform or development team for your needs.

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