Elise Strachan

Cupcakes and Cakepops - Life is Sweet

In 2011 Elise made a low grade video tutorial for Cookie Monster cupcakes. She had no idea that 5 years later her hobby would have gained 9 million fans, her own book and a TV show.

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Elise Strachan

Confectionary Expert, Founder of “My Cupcake Addiction"

If you’re lucky enough to pursue your passion as a job or a business, I think it makes us among some of the luckiest people in the world

With over 390 million views and almost 3 million subscribers, trained pastry chef and founder of My Cupcake Addiction, Elise Strachan, has captured the imaginations of sweet enthusiasts and dedicated bakers around the world. 

The animated mother of two teaches a community of everyday home cooks the expertise required to recreate baking masterpieces at home. With Elise’s help, you can take your cupcake chemistry to the next level, without the fancy ingredients, expensive equipment or an advanced pastry degree.  

A lover of “fun, creativity and adding a little sweetness to everything”, Elise began as a home-baker, launched a business and soon became one of the world’s most-loved online cooking personalities. But like many, turning her passion into a job was not without its setbacks.

As an online influencer she has spent the last few years riding the digital roller coaster; the success of sharing her passion has been at the mercy of Social Media algorithms and changes in the online atmosphere. With no control over these influences it has been a challenge for Elise to understand the implications of these changes whilst making sure she still engages with her audience in a way that’s true to her own personal passion. Elise explains, “Any brand or business person experiences their own failures, and I think my setbacks are what have defined me as a creator”.

With a combined audience of over 9 million fans, Elise has been pushing the boundaries of her YouTube content and finding new ways to inspire her following.

She published her own book, “Sweet Celebrations” to teach people how to make their dishes reflect particular occasions. She even recently aired her own show “Sweet Smarts” on Food Network, which gave her the opportunity to meet people and help them to pursue their passions in a similar way.

Elise’s experience as an influencer has inspired a few words of advice for those looking to pursue their dreams…“Just start” she says, encouraging people to take the first step to pursue a hobby. “If we hadn’t have just started and just done something, we wouldn’t be where we are today”.

Watch the full interview to hear Elise’s amazing story and the challenges she faced making a success of My Cupcake Addiction. 

Key facts about Elise Strachan
  • Before “My Cupcake Addiction”, Elise and her husband attempted to break into the cupcake packaging industry but found themselves in over their head to say the least
  • Her YouTube channel has nearly over 9 millions followers and over 390 million views
  • She is a trained pastry chef and has published her own book as well as appearing on her own TV show on Food Network

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