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Lesley Fightmaster

How Yoga Changed Me

In her early twenties Lesley experienced a lot of self- doubt, insecurity and shame and therefore turned to drugs and alcohol. Only when she discovered yoga she was finally able to turn her life around.

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Lesley Fightmaster

Professional Yoga Teacher and YouTube Entrepreneur

You can always think about reasons not to do something, but sometimes it’s just good to say yes!

“If you can breathe, you can be good at yoga” - This sentence has been Lesley’s guiding principle for the past couple of years. Since she did her official yoga teacher training and started putting yoga tutorials on YouTube, Lesley became completely obsessed with her mission to make yoga available to as many people on the planet as possible.

Her main motivation is the fact that yoga has helped her out of her own misery over 15 years ago. It was right after her drug and alcohol withdrawal when Lesley still felt depressed and insecure about herself. Yoga was the only way she found to be able to meditate, be more aware about herself and find happiness again.

Still, it took her over seven years to get the courage, quit her job in a large company and start the expensive yoga teacher training. There were times when her whole family did not have enough money to eat and had to live from government’s food stamps. But Lesley never gave up.

Only because of a coincidence she decided to film her classes and put them up on YouTube. Thanks to the positive feedback from her first few fans Lesley kept producing online lessons every week and consistently grew her follower base.

Today she is a successful YouTube entrepreneur and still loves yoga as much as she did when she had just started. More than that, she can now see how its transformational power changes the lives of thousands of people. The people from all over the world she connects with on social media.
Watch the full interview to find out how Lesley overcame all challenges life has put her through in order to follow her real passion.

Key facts about Lesley Fightmaster
  • Worked in the corporate world before being a yoga teacher
  • Has over 170.000 subscribers and 10 million views on YouTube
  • Wants to make yoga available to as many people as possible

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