Eric Arceneaux

Pitch Perfect: Anybody Can Sing

How a kid from New Orlands with a damaged voice turns into a Universal recording artist and renownded celebrity vocal coach with over 30 million views on his YouTube singing tutorials.

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Eric Arceneaux

Celebrity Vocal Coach and Successful Recording Artist

It’s ok to be your only fan for a little while, until other people catch on.

Eric knows that everybody can learn to sing and that voice science has a transformational power. He has developed his own unorthodox technique, which made over 100,000 students from more than 80 countries recognize the potential of their voices. 

He turned from the ‘kid’ with the damaged voice into a celebrity vocal coach and recording artist, who got his first Universal record deal at age 21. And his path has been far from simple. 

“Where I’m from, in black culture, especially in New Orleans, you are taught that Jesus gives you a voice or he doesn’t… You are taught that you can’t learn it, you either have it or you don’t,” Eric laughs. A theory that even he had believed, before he got his first voice lessons. 

Now with more than 30 million views on his YouTube channel, Eric has accumulated a large follower base of passionate fans who admire him for his greatest gift: turning any voice into a strong, beautiful-sounding instrument within weeks and opening doors to a new dimension of vocal freedom.

As a recording artist, he has earned the respect of industry heavyweights, like Brett Manning (TV host and vocal coach of Keith Urban and Taylor Swift), Lis Lewis (vocal coach of Linkin Park, Rihanna, and Kate Voegele), and Jennifer Hudson. 

All of this would not have happened if Hurricane Katrina didn’t trap him together with his family in their attic for three days before being rescued by a helicopter. But losing his home and a record deal didn’t stop him from following his passion: transforming people into great and confident singers. 

Eric moved to Washington D.C., being almost broke, he maxed out his credit card to buy a new laptop and recorded his first singing video. On January 23rd 2012, he uploaded it to Youtube and his entire life started to change. 

Key facts about Eric Arceneaux
  • Signed his first record deal with Universal Studios at age 21
  • Has over 350.000 subscribers and 30 million views on YouTube
  • Created his own vocal coaching technique and founded

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