Michael Palmisano

Rockstar Becomes Entrepreneur

Even though his father urged him into business studies after high school, Michael always wanted to become a famous guitarist. What an irony that by following this passion he became a successful business man after all.

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Michael Palmisano

Professional Guitarist and Successful Online Entrepreneur

If you have this strong passion for something, it’s really not an option to not do it.

Michael Palmisano is one of the most successful guitar instructors the web has to offer. So far he has helped tens of thousands of people around the globe to learn the one thing that has always given him fulfilment.

With Guitargate - his own interactive online guitar school - he found a way to make guitar studies accessible for everyone who has an internet connection, no matter where they are or how much money they have.

Michael started playing the guitar when he was still in kindergarden. And what used to be just a hobby, eventually became his dream: he wanted to be a rockstar. To achieve this he dropped out of business school, packed his things and moved across the country to start his professional career as a musician in Hollywood. 

Luckily, the musicians institute (MI) let him in to do an admissions test on the spot for their guitar program, which is one of the best in the country. And he made it. Three years later he graduated as one of the top students of the school.

As you might know by now, Michael Palmisano didn’t become a rockstar in the end. Instead, he discovered his passion in teaching. And more than that, when his first child was born, he realized that with an online guitar school he could not only better accommodate the needs of work and family, but also reach out to students all over the world.

Now he is making a living while completely fulfilling his potential. He became a founder and entrepreneur even thought he didn’t have any previous knowledge in these fields. The deep inner drive to follow his passion was more than enough motivation for Michael to teach himself the rest.   

Key facts about Michael Palmisano
  • Award winning GIT graduate with over 15 years of experience
  • Successfully launched his own interactive online guitar school
  • Helped more than 10.000 students all over the world to learn playing the guitar

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