Yolanda Gampp

From Baking to Caking

Previously starring in real-life sitcom ‘Sugar Stars’, Toronto-based cake decorator Yolanda Gampp took her art of caking and television experience to YouTube where she has reached millions of people with her amazing talent.

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Yolanda Gampp

Former TV Star, Passionate Baker and Extremely Successful YouTuber

If you’re really passionate about something then you won’t give it up, because that’s what passion is.

Cake baking extraordinaire, Yolanda Gampp made her success with a positive mind set and commitment to creating unique art using food ingredients. “You’ve got to do it your way and you’ve got to tailor it to your life," she explains. Yolanda will bake cakes resembling just about anything, from a Rubik’s cube to a human brain cake, all of which can be found on her popular YouTube channel “How to Cake it”.

When she was younger, Yolanda studied as a chef in college, but soon realized that her real passion was in baking. However, this is no ordinary baking – Yolanda fuses her excellent artistic ideas with the talent of cake decorating and creates unique and edible art, breaking it down step by step for anyone who wishes to try it out for themselves.

Yolanda also starred in the popular Canadian sitcom ‘Sugar Stars’ where she gained experience in the field of television production, which soon led to making her own show featured on YouTube. “With Television, you film a whole season and it airs… whereas with YouTube, it’s so right now”. Her channel is more than a series of videos, she produces it like a TV show which makes it even more exciting to watch. So you don’t have to be looking for a baking tutorial to enjoy her videos.

Even though all this might sound like a fairytale, following her passion wasn't an easy path for Yolanda at all. When she started with cake decorating she spent endless hours creating beautiful cakes that she would just give away for free in order to build her portfolio. Her hard work eventually paid off and she had a lot of great learnings on the way.

Watch the interview to learn more about Yolanda’s extraordinary journey, how she turned her passion for baking into a career and her expert advice on how to be a successful YouTube star.

Key facts about Yolanda Gampp
  • Grew her YouTube channel to over a million followers in only one year
  • Starred in the Canadian TV show, "Sugar Stars" in 2010
  • Sometimes takes several days to build a cake

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