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Calisthenics - No Holds Barred

Growing up in New York City as a young boy was a challenge for BarStarzz founder, Eduard Checo. But once he found his passion in freestyle calisthenics he turned his life around and helped other people worldwide to do the same.

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Impressive Freestyle Calisthenics Movement

You should pursue the things you love, first and foremost.

BarStarzz founder Eduard Checo's passion is freestyle calisthenics. Inspired by his older brother at a young age, he couldn’t afford a gym membership and all the expensive equipment. Thus, he started doing bodyweight workouts and creative exercises from home. “I love calisthenics because it’s freedom, it’s an escape from the monotone,” Ed explains.

He started the BarStarzz movement after training with his friends John and Tony back in 2008. Previously he had been stuck in a bad place in his life with no motivation to work or no direction. He had been hanging out on street corners and getting in trouble, a lifestyle which isn’t unusual for a typical young boy growing up in New York. He received very little support and encouragement from close friends and family, who doubted his talent and didn’t believe he was able to embark upon something more than working a local job.

Once he found his passion, there was no holding back. Ed was ready for big improvements in his life. He pushed himself with calisthenics and trained hard to prove those who doubted him wrong. Flat out broke, he sacrificed his leisure, his social life and invested every penny he had into BarStarzz. He transformed it from a small local brand into a full time business with a worldwide reputation, turning his life around and making himself a true success. Today, over 2 million fans follow daily inspiration and tutorials by BarStarzz across all social media channels. Ed explains, “It’s given me confidence, it’s given me work ethic and it’s given me a community of friends”.

What started as a name to represent a collective of calisthenics enthusiasts from Ed’s home town soon became an online workout hub for enthusiasts from all over the world. Ed became obsessed with BarStarzz and worked hard to make it what it has now become. He lives a happy and more fulfilling life than he has ever done in the past.

Watch the full interview to learn about Ed’s life journey and the challenges he faced to make BarStarzz as successful as it has become.

Key facts about BarStarzz
  • Started BarStarzz in 2009, YouTube channel since 2011
  • Grew his Facebook following to over 1,2 million fans
  • Aggregates over 1 million followers on Instagram and YouTube

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