5 free ASO tools to help you identify juicy niches and keywords for your app

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Written by Liam Donoghue, Marketing Executive


Competing for keywords and traffic on the app stores isn’t easy. Every app is vying for the eyes of the app store users and competition at the top of the rankings can be fierce. 

To make matters more difficult there is a myriad of different ASO tools and paid platforms out there that give your competition a competitive edge when optimizing their apps.

Luckily, these very same platforms are available to you, and what’s even better is that a lot of them are free. 

Below is a list of ASO platforms and tools that can help you to app store success.

Note: All the platforms listed below have paid options available. We have selected these recommendations based on the free tools that come with each platform. 




AppAnnie is the go-to ASO platform for a lot of app marketers. Its free version shows app analytics and stores statistics for free. 

Their analytics let you track app performance (downloads, usage, and revenue) across app stores, while their store stats will help you analyze your app’s keywords, rankings, ratings, and reviews. 



Apptweak has a completely free keyword suggestion tool. You can use the search fields on the website to put in a phrase or word and it will return with some keyword suggestions you can research.




AppKeywords.net is another tool similar to Apptweak keyword suggestion tool. You can use the search bar to research keywords relevant to your app’s niche. 


Search Man


SearchMan lets you check your app’s visibility and discoverability, track its rankings, and take a look at your competitors. If you want free access to app market research Search Man has data for both iOS and Android. This data covers 4 million apps and 1.5 million keywords. 


App Radar 


App Radar gives you a full dashboard of tools and metrics you can use to analyze your app’s performance. Whilst some of the features are hidden behind a subscription there is still a lot of value you can get from the free version.

 App Radar will give you basic competitor analysis, track keywords you want to monitor, & give you your app metrics amongst other things. 





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