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Written by Liam Donoghue, Marketing Executive

Relationships require work. 

Whether you’ve been with your partner for 5 months or 5 years, your interpersonal relationship is always changing. 

Events in your life like moving in together, getting married, and having children can shake up your status quo and, if you’re not careful, lead to friction and disillusionment.  

People change as they get older too. Sometime these changes mean we look at our partners in a new light, or can lead us to wonder where the person we love went!

These are all super common problems for couples, and, as we said at the start of this article, relationships require work. Maintaining honest, open communication, and having difficult conversations where necessary as key to keeping a relationship on track.

This heavy emotional work can be draining for lots of couples and many pairs often bring in a relationship coach to provide an impartial opinion and guidance to help them achieve their shared desires. 

Relationship coaching is a highly profitable coaching niche. It’s a profession that offers great rewards, not just financially, but emotionally as well. Bringing together a fractured couple of helping someone find their true love can be a really life affirming experience. 

If you’re interested in a career as a relationship coach read on to find out how can help you make that a reality with your own mobile app.

Building your relationship coaching business with is an all-in-one platform that gives coaches the tools, knowledge, and mindset to successfully launch their coaching businesses. Founded in 2016 we’ve helped over 1000 coaches of all disciplines take their coaching businesses online with their own branded mobile app.

We’re more than just an app-building platform though, we take coaches who are at the very beginning of their professional journeys and guide them through the process of starting a coaching business step by step. We give you the tools, knowledge, and mindset to make your relationship coaching business a success. But what do they mean?


Delivering relationship coaching effectively requires a multi-pronged approach. You’ll need to provide some 1-on-1 support alongside a catalog of resources such as videos, worksheets, tutorials, and guided lessons. 

We believe that the best way to present this coaching content is via your own mobile app and we have designed a drag-and-drop app builder geared specifically towards coaches who want an e-learning app. 

Phones are with us constantly and that means your lessons and advice are never more than a click away for your clients. A lot of coaching relies on forming good habits and when your coaching content is in reach of your clients at all times it’s easy for them to engage repeatedly with your course.  

Also, relationship coaching in the 21st century means providing your clients with insight and content via a medium they enjoy and who isn’t on their smartphone nowadays!

Check out the in-depth video below to get a look at our powerful platform tools.   


Many people who use our platform are new to coaching. We help beginner coaches get set up and on the right track to business success with our platform resources.

When you purchase you become a Passionfighters. This gives you access to our app which contains lessons, tutorials, and courses covering everything from sales techniques, marketing your relationship coaching, and running paid ads to identify your dream customer and determining a profitable niche for your business. 

The two main programs included with are the Expert Unleashed Challenge and Expert Freedom. These programs are included in the cost of the platform and will take you from 0 to 100 clients in 6-months.


The final piece of the puzzle. Our active user community, customer support and in-app programs will give you the mindset to succeed. When you’re starting your own business it can be scary. There are plenty of opportunities to give up, feel imposter syndrome, and be held back by limiting beliefs.  

Not only do we give you the practical business knowledge that’s required for setting up a relationship coaching business but we also impart the mental fortitude and support you’ll need when things start to get a bit tough. 

Our PassionFighter Facebook community is very active and supportive and we all share in each other’s success and pick each other up when we’re down.

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