How to improve the top of your marketing funnel with a branded mobile app

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Surely you sell apps, not use them as marketing tools… How would that even work?

When we think about mobile apps we often see them as a product. The endpoint of a sales process. 

You saw an ad, you researched the app, you like what you saw, and you bought it.


For a lot of apps out there, that is the case. But, in the right hands, apps can be used as very powerful digital marketing tools. 

PassionFighter, Diane Bleck, used her app DoodleTV for this exact purpose.

Her app is a free product packed with worksheets, resources, and lessons for parents and their children.

By attracting new prospects to her brand with top quality content and great information, she can build a relationship with her leads and convert them into customers. 

She can sell her services directly in her app and build trust with her audience on a branded platform she owns.

Creating a marketing funnel based around a branded mobile app (and how to use that to attract new business leads) is the key talking point of this podcast. If you’d like to increase your business revenue with a new lead generation channel, this show is definitely for you. Click the video below to watch the podcast. 

Guest Profile

Based in Illinois, Diane Bleck is an art teacher who runs the online brand DoodleTV. Her mission is to connect parents and children using doodling. She wants to boost creativity, ignite imagination, and supercharge visual thinking. She came on the podcast to chat about how she is using to increase her business revenue.

 This podcast was originally recorded for the PassionFighter Facebook community. 

DoodleTV app logo

Passion Facts 

PassionFighter: Diane Bleck 

Location: United States 

App Name: DoodleTV

App Type: Art  

Launch stats: Over 1500 subscriber to DoodleTV 


Transcribed highlights from the show


Dan: Can you tell me what you’re doing, who you’re serving, who is your dream customer, and what problem are you solving for them?

Diane: I am serving parents and children who are looking for ways to connect creatively. I’m on a mission to connect parents and children using doodling. I want to boost creativity, ignite imagination, and supercharge visual thinking. 

I found that the parents using my platform were requesting more and more videos for their children. I couldn’t keep up. I didn’t like swamping my Instagram with videos and I was hesitant to send my community to Youtube where they would get bombarded with ads. 

During the lockdown, my online community has exploded and I wanted a platform I could send them too which was free of third-party branding, was easy for me and my community to use. fits the bill perfectly.

I’m using a bit differently to most people. I’m using it as a marketing tool to attract new customers to my business. The app is free and it is always going to be free. 

It’s an amazing way to serve my community and build trust via free content. Once I’ve built a relationship with my community through the app I can then offer them my virtual workshops and other higher-value products

This is a way to then sell book tours or books.  I’m building a massive audience but underpinning all this growth was following the lessons in the Expert Unleashed Challenge.


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