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Your Own App = Freedom

How Coaches, Teachers, and Experts Are Writing Their Own Paychecks in 2021

Without The Technical Hassle or Breaking the Bank

$150,000 in a weekend!

£3500 in 5 days.

$4000 in a month.

The results speak for themselves [Watch the video below] 

I’ve condensed 5 years of app building, marketing, & sales knowledge into this class and I want to share it with the EDIS community.   

You can copy my success, avoid my mistakes and get your online business up and running faster than you could believe with zero technical hassle and without paying an expensive team of developers.

1000s of people have increased their bank balance using the platform. I’ve interviewed our most prolific experts to find out the secrets to their success and to help guide their future growth.

During these interviews, 3 key secrets have crop up time and again. Those secrets have formed the basis of this training. The secrets are:

  • SECRET #1 – How to launch an app that SELLS from day 1 
  • SECRET #2 – How to turn strangers into customers on autopilot 
  • SECRET #3 – How to create you app 10x quicker & cheaper than you think

I’ve taken 100s of hours of interviews, joined the dots and created this training so you can learn quickly from those that have done it the hard way and gain the combined knowledge of 1000s of PassionFighters.  

Apply these lessons to your own business and watch it grow today.

Exclusive FREE Training
with co-founder & app expert
Dan Harvey

Catch our conversation with Sam when he was a guest on The From Passion to Profession podcast.

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