Success Stories

Want to see what success in building a business with your skills can look like? Check out the stories of Passionfighters below who nailed it.

Badass Body X Fitness

The Badassbody X Fitness app by Christmas Abbott features hundreds of workouts, including interactive workouts, meal plans, progress tracking, and multiple products within her app membership. The app currently sells for $19/month and has 5-star reviews.

I love the product!

Christmas Abbott Crossfit Ambassador


The BarstarzzBTX app by Ed Checo features hundreds of workouts, including interactive workouts, meal plans, progress tracking, and multiple products within the app membership. The app currently sells for $19/month and has 5-star reviews.

I doubled my income with

Ed Checo Barstarzz Founder


The PassionFighters app is official app. It is free to use for everyone. Download it to learn how you can build your own skill or coaching business. Matthias uses the app also to do internal trainings for the PassionFighters team and to onboard new team members.

My app allows me to train my team 24/7!

Matthias Bellmann Founder


A traditional practice guide for Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, reimagined for our pixelated times. Using this guide, you can study every breath, posture and movement pattern in the Primary and Second Series. Designed and executed by Ty Landrum with concise and beautifully crafted videos, poetic annotations, and supplemental notes.

Niche: Yoga / Ashtanga

Ty Landrum, PhD Yoga Studio Owner

Watercolor Devo

The Watercolor Devo app brings the instruction of Amarilys Henderson to intimate studio sessions wherever you are. Receive all tips, skills, and inspiration to begin your transformation into a serious creator. Courses are well-organized so that you can plan your painting sessions or play on the go.

Niche: Painting

Amarilys Henderson Leading Watercolor Illustrator on Skillshare

Booty Bands® Fitness

Unlike other Fitness apps these workouts are new and updated daily. You get LIVE workout programs with Trainer Danita Young, Home and Gym workouts, Recipes and Meal Plans, community of women doing this together, motivation Mindset Reset Videos and much more.

Niche: Booty Bands Workouts

Danita Young Personal Trainer, Founder of BootyBands

Spelling Rules

App for British and American English users who can read and write but need to improve spelling. This course will give you the confidence to write that perfect word that expresses how you feel on an application form, on social media, in letters and emails, when writing reports, and notes to your kid's teacher.

Niche: Communication

Joanne Rudling Literacy, ESL, and creative writing lecturer for 23 years


Valerie and her Vitali-Team will help you discover how to boost your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing so that you can finally enjoy the successful life you work so hard for.

Niche: Mind Vitality

Valerie Ketjen Miss Vitality


A program designed for martial artists to learn acrobatic flips & kicks without the fear of falling! Detailed step by step progressions will take you from the start to the end - mastering new moves in a safe and efficient way.

Niche: Martial Arts

Thomas Inauen Martial Arts & Acrobatics Trainer


The ONLY Circus Conditioning App with Allie Cooper. Are you looking to build strength and confidence in the air or maintain aerial performance when you don't have access to a studio or equipment? The CIRQUE+ Method is a unique system to help you Level Up as an aerialist with specially designed conditioning workouts that you can complete at home OR in the studio in just 30 minutes! The workouts are a fusion of plyometric, isometric, body weight, and aerial conditioning exercises (with At Home Versions targeting similar muscle groups) - ideal for busy people who work, gig, have kids, etc who want to Level Up their training but may not have a lot of extra time or access to equipment.

Niche: Circus Conditioning

Allie Cooper Aerialist

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