Highs and lows – navigating entrepreneurship

The highs and lows of entrepreneurship can be difficult to navigate. PassionFighter Jessica Edwards came on the podcast to discuss her business journey.

Juggling your passion and career – How to maximise the time spent doing what you love

Passion vs career, it's a struggle all entrepreneurs face at one point or another. balancing the pull of your business and the need to pay the bills is tricky. Lenora Rousseau can on the podcast to tell us how she got the balance right.

Dare not to compare – the simple saying that guarantees coaching success

March to the beat of your own drum. You do you, that's the best way to get success in business. Pam Fountas share her mantra for staying true to herself in this show.

Tenacity and drive, how to keep going when things in business get tough

Tenacity and drive are two key components to a successful entrepreneur. Diane Van Heerden came on the podcast to tell us how she cultivates these attributes in herself and how they helped her grow her business.

10 to 100 clients, how to level up your coaching

Leveling up your coaching offering so you can hit 100 clients isn't easy. Patrik Paustain came on the podcast to talk about the steps he's taking to hit that 100 client goal.

WANT and NEED, the keys to online success! Discover the right balance and unlock your courses growth

Growing your online course can be a nightmare. There is so much information out there is can be difficult to know what to do. PassionFighter David A jones shares his secrets for online course growth in this podcast.