On camera = cold sweats! How to ooze charisma when being filmed

Confiednce on camera isn't a dark art. It takes practice, persistnece, and pushing yourself to be uncomfortable. Waymatea Ellis tells us how she became a natural infront of a camera.

1000 leads in a day? Attract new clients with your mobile app!

Mobile apps are great way to get prospects on the first rung of your value ladder. Carla White explains how she can get upto 1000 emails a day using a mobile app.

Scaling your side hustle – You’re the boss, work less, earn more!

We all want to be our own boss, right? Choose our own hours, and work with clients we like. Nick Loper explains how to get your side hustle off the ground.

What makes a sleazy salesperson? How to sell, sell, sell without being pushy!

Sales is tough, Some might say it’s horrible! But no one was born a salesperson. It’s a skill anyone can learn. And doing it ethically can be so rewarding.

Famous influencers are a thing of the past!

Fame & influence don’t go hand in hand. Not anymore anyway. The internet has democratized the influencer space. Anybody can build a personal brand online.

Why community is the key to success in the Passion Economy?

Why is a community the key to success in the Passion Economy? How can an engaged community build your brand and get you sales?

Why you only need 100 true fans for business success

Is it better to have thousands of followers or just a handful of loyal customers? Podcast guest li Jin believes 100 true fans is all you need for business success. Find out why in the show.

How to find your passion, 4 tactics for finding a fulfilling pursuit

How do you find your passion? What even is it? Well, passion isn't a person, place, or thing. You'll probably find it in the most unexpected place.

How to succeed in the Passion Economy with Adam Davidson

Adam Davidson wrote the book on the Passion Economy LITERALLY! He's a best selling author and celebrated journalist, listen to his thoughts on the future of work in this podcast.

Daniel Harvey: Meet The Face Of Passion.io

Who is Daniel Harvey? Why is he known as Passion Dan? What does he do at Passion.io? This article answer those questions and lets you meet the face of Passion.io

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