7 best video hosting platforms for coaches, teachers, & personal trainers

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Written by Liam Donoghue, Marketing Executive

Coaching online is the future. If you’re a teacher, personal trainer, or mentor and you don’t have an online offering you’ll be massively missing out on revenue in 2021 and beyond. 

More and more people are working from home. This has led to the adoption of new technologies and habits. 

Society has begun to understand that people can be active anywhere, there’s a greater appreciation of technology, and we all prefer working to our own schedules. 

The 9 to 5, sit at your desk, rush to your classes. These days are numbered. People want flexibility in their lives, jobs, and how they learn. 

By providing you students with an easily accessible online course you’re letting them know you value their time and understand the life pressure they’re under. 

But where do you host this course? If you’re not a tech savvy person it can be daunting putting your content online (That’s if you even have content. If you don’t, not to worry, check out our article here on how to make an online course).

There are hundreds of video hosting platforms online you can use to upload your content and reach millions of students globally. Each one has their own price range, features list, benefits and setbacks. Below I’ve listed our 7 best video hosting platforms for coaches, teachers, & personal trainers.


Let’s start with our platform. Passion.io is a drag-and-drop, no-code, app creation platform that allows coaches, mentors, and trainers to build and upload their eLearning content to their own branded mobile app. 

You can upload your content on our platform with one click and it’ll appear on the web instantly. You also have the added bonus of building your own native mobile apps for the Apple app store and Google Play Store. 

Why an app?

Personal development and growth aren’t a one-time transactions. You need regular, sustained, engagement with your course material to learn, improve, and grow. Teaching via an app encourages this and helps your students form good habits through consistent engagement with your content. It’s in their pocket 24/7 after all. 

Learn more about Passion.io and find out if our video platform is right for you in our free training. Sign up below:


You’re joking, right? Facebook isn’t a video hosting platform, right? It’s just a place I go to stalk my friends. 

Facebook is actually a pretty powerful tool if you want to live stream to a community or upload video content for your followers. Facebook has no limit to the number of videos you can put on its platform and if you build yourself a page on Facebook you can host all your videos there. They look pretty sharp too. 

Check out Passion Dan’s Facebook page for an example. Dan uses his Facebook page to catalog his podcast recordings. Passion Dan’s video page.


You don’t have much control over how your videos are displayed. You can’t create courses or playlists. You just record one video after the other and they appear on your video page. 

Advice – Facebook is good for broadcasting to a community of followers and engaging with them.


Now we’re talking! Youtube is arguably the king of online video hosting platforms. It’s been around since  internet 1.0 and after Google is the internet’s biggest search platform. Uploading to Youtube is pretty easy. 

Once you’ve taken a tour around the creator’s studio you can get up and running, and your first video uploaded with relative ease. 

What does that mean for you? 

If you nail Youtube you can get a lot of eyeballs on to your online instructional videos. 

But… there’s always a but isn’t there. Its size means it’s super difficult to rank on their algorithms. Also, you’ll be competing with all of Youtube, not just people hosting coaching videos in your niche, but cat videos, cringe compilations, gamer streams. 

There’s so much noise it’s hard to shout above it.     

Advice – Many online coaches find their digital feet uploading to Youtube. The platform is free and is a nice introduction into the techie side of setting up an online course. But it shouldn’t be your only video hosting platform for the reasons mentioned above.  

Put some content on Youtube as a way to attract new clients to your courses but keep your good stuff on another video hosting platform that has a paid subscription feature.


Skillshare is an online video hosting platform and marketplace for online coaches. It’s a relatively cheap platform to get started on, it’s pricing starts at $15 per month and it hosts tutors from a wide range of disciplines. 

Skillshare acts like a marketplace. This means students enter the platform, search for a course they want and then Skillshare will show them a list of relevant courses. This means you’re in competition with everyone on the platform, and, to a certain extent, you’re at the mercy of the Skillshare algorithm. 

The upside is that you’re in a marketplace built for online courses. May would see this as a benefit as people are coming to Skillshare looking to learn. If they find your course there’s a high chance they’ll buy. 

One big downside

I couldn’t finish this section without telling you about the one big downside to Skillshare. They own your content. If you upload videos to their platform and then cancel your subscription you lose that content. It’s blocked. Just something worth thinking about.


Dacast specializes in online video streaming for business-to-business purposes (B2B). This means it’s a great video hosting platform for companies looking to sell its services to other companies. 

Its prices start at $39 a month and it is well equipped for those wanting to produce high-quality presentations and sales pitches. It’s not as well known as the above suggestions but if you’re a business coach, marketing mentor, or sales teacher this could be the right platform for you. 


Originally the go-to streaming platform for universities Panopto now serves coaches, tutors, and businesses from all walks of life. This video hosting platform counts a lot of big institutions as its clients and is therefore very secure and prestigious. 

If you value security, safety, and great customer support in your video hosting platform then it’s worth checking out Panopto. 


Chances are you’ve heard of Vimeo. It’s a video hosting platform that prides itself on allowing users to share their content across multiple devices and platforms. Vimeo can be used to embed your video content into a website or you can send students directly to it. 

Although it’s good for hosting videos it isn’t built specifically for online courses. This means its features are limited when it comes to creating courses. 

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