What are the advantages of a white label app builder?

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Written by Liam Donoghue, Marketing Executive


Do you need a white-label app builder to get your coaching app up and running?

Passion.io is a drag-and-drop, no-code app creation platform that has been specifically designed for coaches, personal trainers, and teachers. If you want to monetize your skills online with your own mobile app then our platform is right for you.

You can start building your app straight away using the button below or you can keep reading to find out all the advantages a white label app builder has over other app builders and platforms.


What does ‘white label’ mean? 

 To put it simply, white label means that our branding will not appear on your app. You use our platform and tools to create your app but we will not push our brand through your product. 

Having a white label app means your branding and company message is front and center for all your app users to see. 


What does Wikipedia say? 

 A white label product is a product or service provided by a company (Passion.io) that other companies (That’s you) can rebrand to make it appear you have made it. 


What are the advantages of a white label app?


No third party branding – This one is obvious but very powerful. Our platform user, Diane Bleck, summed up the power of this when she said “Passion.io gave me my own place, my own digital land I own. No one can interfere with my brand with my own white-label mobile app”. 

No third party adverts – How many times have you been watching a Youtube video, really enjoying the content, only to be hit with a 5-second video advert right before a really good bit? 

It’s annoying but its how platforms like Youtube make money. When you own your own white label app you don’t need to worry about annoying your users with third-party adverts. You have 100% control over what people see in the app. 

You control your content – With a white label app builder like Passion.io you aren’t reliant on a development team to make changes to your product. You upload your own content to your app when you want. The no-code platform means that even if you’re a tech newbie you can create an e-learning app your clients will love.   

Flexible style – If you’re using platforms like Youtube or Udemy to host your video lessons you’re constrained by the platform’s style and layout. With your own white label app, you can style your app how you like and lead your clients down the journey you want them to go.

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