How To Make Your Own White Label Fitness App

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Written by Dan Harvey, Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer 


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Why digitalize your fitness business?

The 21st century is seeing experts of all stripes move their businesses online. Whether you want to fully transition your business offer and only supply digital products, or you just want another revenue stream to your brick and mortar business, creating a white label fitness app is a great way to scale your clients and earn passive income.

Creating a white label fitness app will give you several benefits. One, which I’ve already mentioned, is the opportunity to earn passive income. Passive income is great, it’s you generating money, with no effort. Once you’ve set up your online course it can earn money for you whilst you take a break.

Digital products don’t expire, and they don’t require a trainer to take 1-on-1 classes. This means your course content can do the heavy lifting for you.

Another advantage of digitalizing your fitness business is: you can infinitely scale your clients. A digital product can have 1000 subscribers. Can you imagine trying to train 1000 people in a week? You’ll need a big gym.

Creating a digital fitness product lets you reach more people and expand your reach globally. It lets you positively change more people’s lives and lets you break the time for money trap many PTs find themselves in.

But why an app?

That all sounds great Dan but why build an app? Couldn’t this be done using a site like Udemy or another desktop course builder? Heck, I could even use Youtube. What are the advantages of an app.

I hear these questions quite a lot. What is the advantage of making a fitness app? Well, look at it this way, personal development isn’t a one-time transaction. Whether you’re looking to get a six-pack or learn the piano, you will not achieve that result in one go.

To see an improvement in yourself requires regular and consistent practice, training, and study. A mobile is a portable device (obviously Dan) that allows your content to be consumed easily anywhere. The technology supports a users self-development goals. A native app isn’t reliant on an internet connection like browser-based courses and, because it’s on a mobile it can be accessed whenever a user needs it.

That all sounds great but how do I make my own app?

App development has a reputation for being notoriously difficult. There’s a lot of great companies out there who’ll build you an app, and quite a few nefarious characters who’ll build you one too but the result might not be what you expected!

App development isn’t cheap, when we at made our first app it took us 11 months and cost $60,000. Yikes.

Creating an app yourself isn’t impossible just make sure you take on board the following points:

  • If you’re going to hire an agency to build the app make sure you thoroughly research them first. Check their reviews on Google and look at their website. If it looks shoddy or their prices look too good to be true, stay away.
  • Avoid one-man bands. If you meet with an individual who says he can do it all for you at an attractive price tag beware. Creating an app is a big project and usually requires a small team.
  • You can do it yourself but you’ll want to start learning Swift, the coding language Apple built for creating mobile apps.

Why you should use to build your fitness app is a no-code app creation platform. That uses a drag and drop app builder that allows fit pros to quickly, easily & cheaply develop their own fitness app. We’ve taken the technical hassle and headache of dealing with developers out of the app-building process. is a streamlined, easy way for you to launch a mobile app in 30 days.

develop mobile apps for fitness experts. The freedom an app has given them has changed their lives. Some feedback I’ve received from trainers includes:

Creating an app gives you the passive income stream you deserve and lets you pick and choose your clients. It puts control of your life back in your hands.

Unlike other passive income streams, it’s infinitely scalable. There’s no limit on how many paying subscribers you can have using your app. You don’t need to worry about delivering physical products and e-learning apps are more accessible for gym-goers than web-based courses.

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