Work Ethic: What does it really take to achieve your goals?

Allie Cooper PassionFighter

,“Without sacrifice, there is no commitment, without commitment, there is no success”

The best things in life aren’t easy. 

They take work, dedication, commitment, and sacrifice. 

Achieving your goals (or dreams) cannot happen without a certain amount of toil, pain, sweat, tears, and heartbreak. 

During a business journey, there are many times you could throw in the towel. When things don’t go your way or they get too hard. When times like these happen, what often separates success from failure is a positive work ethic and a growth mindset. 

Overcoming obstacles and temporarily sacrificing personal pleasures to get your idea, goal, or dream over the proverbial line requires discipline and courage. 

This podcast is going to explore how we can foster these positive traits and we’ll be hearing how PassionFighter, Bernie Cevis employed a positive work ethic to power through the late nights (4am at times!), finish his app, and achieve success.  

Guest Profile

Bernie Cevis is a Maryland based fitness instructor, gym owner, and boxer / martial artist. He has used the platform to create CardioCross, an app designed to get its user shredded without spending hours in the gym.

In the podcast, Bernie and Dan speak about motivation, work ethic, and growth mindset. Bernie shares his journey and lets us into his methods for self-motivation and business determination.   

 This podcast was originally recorded for the PassionFighter Facebook community. 

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Passion Facts 

PassionFighter: Bernie Cevis 

Location: United States 

App Name: CardioCross

App Type: Fitness  

Launch stats: 8 client sign-ups and over $2 revenue 


Transcribed highlights from the show

Bernie: Without sacrifice, there is no commitment, without commitment, there is no success.

I’ve had to make some self-sacrifices to get my PassionApp launched. I recorded one of my training videos at 4am in the morning. That wasn’t because I got up early to do it I just hadn’t been to sleep yet. 

I was up at 4am doing my shadow boxing videos and creating content for my app. It felt like I was dying at one point. 

But I had to get it done!

That was a sacrifice but the sacrifice was worth it. Seeing people in my group, going through my training program. My community members’ are called Bravehearts, that’s what we’re called. They’ve been telling me how my course has changed their mindset and changed their life. 

That little sacrifice I made was worth it. 

So, for me, you have a find your passion and truly believe sharing your passion is something people need. Then it requires a sacrifice to get your passion to those people. 

So be ready for the sacrifice, but once you’ve made up in your mind you can do, you will, and it’s not as difficult as people think.



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