Daniel Harvey: Meet The Face Of Passion.io

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Written by Liam Donoghue, Marketing Executive

Meet the face of Passion.io

Daniel Harvey aka Passion Dan is a 7 figure entrepreneur who believes that inspiring people deserve a platform to share their skills with the world. He’s helped build over 100 passion businesses using Passion.io’s suite of tools. These businesses have gone on to help over 114,000 paying clients through courses & apps ranging from watercolor painting to weight lifting.

He’s had an interesting career so far, but how did it all begin?

Daniel Harvey: From Top 40 Chart Success to Passion.io

Today, Dan is known as the man who can launch your passion business. He’s helped 100’s of people revolutionize their lives and become active participants in the Passion Economy.

A serial entrepreneur himself, Dan has made his living inspiring other people to achieve their dreams. He gives others’ the confidence to take the risky first step towards making their passion a reality and is a firm believer that confidence and passion will make the world a better place.      

But, before he was taking the world by storm as an expert on building passion businesses he was touring the world with his band Dog Is Dead.

At the age of 18, Dan and his band were signed to Atlantic Records. He spent the next 4-years touring the UK and Europe. This was an amazing experience, Dan was truly living his passion.

Being a part of a touring band was great but Dan soon realized that living your passion often isn’t enough to make a comfortable life for yourself. He spoke to several of his idols during his time on the road. When he heard that they were not financially stable after decades playing music and selling out arenas, he began to wonder whether there was a better way to make your passion profitable.

Dan’s First Startup And Founding Passion.io

After drumming for Dog Is Dead, Dan founded his first startup. A property management company called Be Street Smart.

He describes his first venture as “running into a brick wall headfirst, 100 times a day, and wondering what’s going to break first, his head or the wall”.

As a first-time entrepreneur, Dan had everything to learn. He surrounded himself with inspiring people. When he reflected on his time as a first-time entrepreneur, he realized how much he’d learned from a range of motivational, knowledgeable, and amazing people.

For the first time in his life Dan understood and adopted a growth mindset. His time surrounded by inspiring people gave him confidence and belief. He knew that if he could pass on these traits to others he could have a positive impact on the world and make it a more confident and passionate place.    

This was when the penny dropped. Dan looked back at his experiences. His time with Dog Is Dead and the inspiring people he’d met led him to one conclusion.

There must be a better way to make your passion profitable.  

He wanted to give everyone in the world the opportunity to make a living doing their passion. He wanted everyone to be able to learn from inspiring people. He wanted to create a platform that inspiring people could use to earn more money from their passion, have more freedom, and share their message with the world.

This is when Dan met co-founder Matthias Bellmann, and founded Passion.io.

That All Sounds Lovely, But Why Does Dan Care About Building My Business?

Dan lives the values of Passion.io. He cares about having a good impact on society. His mission is to positively change the lives of as many people as possible during his career.

He knows he can’t do this alone. As an individual, the amount of people you can help is limited. Sure, you’ll be able to impact a lot of people’s lives. But reaching a global audience, that would be very difficult without help.

Helping experts reach larger audiences using Passion.io allows Dan to achieve his goal.

By helping experts build their passion businesses he’s giving them a framework to improve their lives. An expert with a Passion App can then go on to impact the lives of hundreds of people. Dan is empowering others to create the change he wants to see. By teaching experts to create successful passion businesses, Dan can multiply his impact on society and make Passion.io have a global reach.

No matter what the program or course, if a passion business powered by Passion.io is helping people, Dan sees that as a success.

Do you want to have a positive impact on the world like Dan?

Do you want to create positive change in the world? Do you have a talent or skill you need to share with people? Are you ready to leave the 9 to 5 behind and make a living doing something you love?

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That’s Great But Dan Doesn’t Know Anything About My Business! How Can He Help Me Grow It?

Dan isn’t a business advisor, he builds passion businesses. He’s spent the last 4-years perfecting this process with a variety of experts. No matter the course of the program: the tools used to make your business vision a success are the same. As is the route you take to achieve your goal.  

Dan has become so successful launching businesses with Passion.io he’s created a wealth of resources to help experts reach their goals. He teaches experts his system for launching a successful passion business using his App Secrets Webinar, and his 30 Day Challenge: The Expert Unleashed Challenge.

The man behind the curtain of some of the world’s most successful fitness brands!

Dan gained all this experience when he began helping our first batch of Passion experts. Passion.io began life helping fitness pros and Dan became known as ‘The man behind the curtain of some of the world’s most successful fitness brands!’.

He helped household names like Christmas Abbott, Al Kavadlo, & Barstarzz BTX grow their client base online using Passion.io. He also made his fair share of mistakes during this period. But he did figure out all the difficult hurdles you need to overcome when creating your passion business.

These hurdles are the same no matter your business and Dan has combined all this experience together to become an expert at helping people find their place in the Passion Economy.