How to create an app | Expand your coaching business with a branded app

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Written by Liam Donoghue, Marketing Executive

“How much?!”

You knew developing your coaching app wouldn’t be cheap but surely they’ve added one too many 0s to that quote. You’ve been looking for an app developer to help you build your app for ages but the prices you’re hearing are making your eyes water.

You’ve tried doing it yourself too. How many times have you searched Google for articles titled ‘How to develop an app’ only to receive an overload of technical information you can’t make sense of.

And when you do find some useful information, it’s often hidden behind a website sign-up wall. Why can’t an article just give you a straight answer?

How do I create an app?  

Or, how do I create an app without any coding knowledge, quickly, and without it costing me an arm and a leg? is a no-code, drag-and-drop app platform you can use to develop your coaching app quickly and cheaply (Our prices start at $79/mo).  

You can start building your app with us straight away, or read on to find out about Diane Bleck used to build her app and turn her business into a global brand.

Diane Bleck

“The monthly cost of running my app using is minimal. I cover my subscription fees each month after I make  one sale”

Based in Illinois, Diane Bleck is an art teacher who runs the online brand DoodleTV. Her mission is to connect parents and children using doodling. She wants to boost creativity, ignite imagination, and supercharge visual thinking.

(We caught up with Diane on our Passion to Profession podcast to talk about her entrepreneurial journey. you can watch the show below)

Before joining the Platform, Diane had been searching for a way to build her an app for over 3 years. She had built wireframes, researched countless app developers, and spoken with software teams, but she always found that they couldn’t meet her requirements. When she did find a team that could help her the cost was far more than she could afford.

Diane wanted an app she controlled. A place where she could upload her video content when she wanted, how often she wanted. She didn’t want to share a platform with other teachers and using Udemy, Kajabi or another platform meant their brand was front and center on her content.

Using’s platform Diane built her own native mobile app that was free of any external branding. In Diane’s own words “ gave me: My own platform, on my own land, for my own students”.

She found that using Zoom and Youtube to host her lessons didn’t let her business shine as she was using someone else’s platform. A mobile app gave her business extra credibility in the eyes of her students. Not many companies have their own mobile apps, so it let Diane stand out from the crowd.  

Working with also meant Diane didn’t have to deal with any developers who may have tried to override her vision. The platform put Diane in complete control of the content she uploaded and the style of her app. gave Diane the knowledge to make her app a success. Her DoodleTV app constantly brings in new potential customers that support the rest of her online business. And’s business development course, The Expert Unleashed Challenge, helped Diane figure out exactly who her dream customers are and where to find them.  

Diane currently has over 1400 app subscribers. She has a vibrant Facebook community of users and is successfully monetizing her following by upselling art supplies and programs through her app.

How do you use the app developer platform?

Surely it can’t be as simple as that?

There must be some coding or some confusing hoops to jump through?

Well, not really. As an expert in your Passion, you need to produce the content for your app, but’s intuitive app creation tools let you upload your lessons quickly and easily. You can get your app built and ready to go in less than 30 days.  

Our co-founder, Dan Harvey, hosted a live product demo with our PassionFighter community. He left no stone unturned when he took our experts through our platform’s many features.  Get a look at the platform below.


There are hundreds of app development platforms on the web. What separates from the rest of the market?


Keeping costs down when developing an app is a tricky thing to do. Most individuals who approach app agencies will see their budgets busted many times over. Recent studies have put the average cost of an app around $150,000 - $200,000.

A subscription starts at $97 a month or $79 a month if you pay annually. This gives you access to our Pro subscription and lets you have up to 100 subscribers on your app.  

For our Executive subscription, you’ll pay $297 a month or $239 a month if you pay annually. This subscription gives you priority support, on-boarding calls with our app experts, and additional training to help you scale your business.


It’s annoying when you have to send your clients to coaching videos you’ve uploaded to Youtube. Or if you’re trying to sell a course on Udemy, you’re stuck with their branding all over their website.

Trying to create a unique, memorable, and professional brand is difficult when you need to piggyback your business onto other people’s platforms. removes this pain and gives you a native mobile app you control.  

No third-party ads.

No third-party branding.


When you purchase you get access to our suite of app builder tools. Our platform is your app development team. This puts you in control of updates, edits, and revisions you want to make to your app.

No more waiting on a development team to respond to a problem you’ve raised. You design your app and you stay in control of the look and feel of your product.  

We have a wealth of resources that will get you using our platform like a pro in no time. If you cannot find an answer to your question in our resource center, our customer success team will be on hand to help you through your problems.