How to use to make your own personal training app

4 minute read

Written by Dan Harvey, Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer

If you’d ask a gym owner a few years ago whether their gym had an app they’d probably have laughed.

“There’s no way I can afford an app” they would say. “Them things cost thousands!”

8-10 years ago, yes. But the rise of the smartphone has brought with it many cool innovations. One of those innovations is the drag-and-drop app builder platform.

You don’t need a team of developers to create an app. All you need is a platform like, We take the technical hassle and jargon out of app creation and let you quickly and simply create mobile apps for gyms in minutes.

Why does your gym need an app?

Brand awareness - When you have a mobile app your brand is in the pocket of every one of your gym members. You’re only a touch away, and being present on someone’s mobile home screen will help you stay front and center in the minds of your clients.  

Apps are also a mark of quality for a business. Everyone has a website nowadays but a branded mobile app is a great way to set you apart from the competition.  

Meeting your customer where they’re at - What does this mean? You have to be available to your customers when they need you. People lead busy lives and can’t always make it to the gym. If you have a mobile app that lets them get their gym fix on a hectic day they’ll thank you and your brand for being so adaptable.

If the choice is between a gym with an app and one without, why would you choose the latter?

Get to know your customers better - The most valuable thing an app can give you is data. Knowing your customer’s habits, training regimes, favorite exercises can help you develop better classes in your gym and produce better content for your app.

All this has the ultimate goal of providing a better service for your customers and giving them so much value they love your gym.

Build a stronger relationship with your customers - The famous saying goes ‘out of sight, out of mind’, but the opposite is also true. If you are always in someone’s vision they are far more likely to remember you.

Mobile apps are great ways to build a relationship with your customers. You can send them offers, vouchers, and training reminders via push notifications, and providing them with informative content directly to their phone adds massive value to them and shines a positive light on your brand.