How to build an engaged and active online community

Managing an online community can be a difficult task.

How do you turn your community members into an engaged and supportive group?

What are the best practices you should follow if you want to gain meaningful insights and feedback from your members?

Which tips, tricks, and tools are the best for keeping your community engaged and accountable?

These are all things a budding community manager needs to think about.

It can be easy to ignore community management. You could view it as optional to your business’s development. But doing that means you miss out on a valuable way to engage with your customers.

Creating a community that supports your clients is essential to their success. It gives individuals a way to interact with your brand and lets you understand your customers even better.

But building an active community is trickier than it sounds, so we’ll be diving into the dos and don’t in this podcast with PassionFighter, Tammi Green.  

Guest Profile

Tammi Green is a personal trainer and medical doctor living in Florida. She has created the app GetFitSis. Its goal is to help its users stay focused, intentional, and truthful about their health goals. Tammi found that her community of app users really helped her develop her product and find success. She came on the podcast to talk about the power of community and how gave her the knowledge to succeed.

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This podcast was originally recorded for the PassionFighter Facebook community.

Passion Facts

PassionFighter: Tammi Green

Location: United States

App Name: GetFitSis

App Type: Fitness

Launch stats: 10 founding members & $2K+ revenue

Transcribed highlights from the show

Dan: You’ve got ten founding members for your program. You’ve told me its a really tight-knit community. What advice would you give someone who’s looking to build a positive, engaged online community?

Tammi: Well, the first thing I think you need to do is be honest with your members. I told the ladies who signed up for my program that they are going on a journey with me.

They’re actively helping me develop my product, they’re working with me to create something amazing. But I’m going to have moments where something might go wrong, or something might not work. I told my community that if that’s the case they need to tell me as they’re helping me create the course.

So from the beginning, I told my community we’re like a tribe we’re working together to make something really great. The community has really been so helpful in guiding my vision for my app with feedback and suggestions.

My community uses Messenger to communicate, I decided not to use a Facebook group for communication. At the beginning of the program, we had an initial Zoom call and we all digitally met each other. Everyone introduced themselves and spoke a little bit about what they do.

That helped solidify the ties amongst the community. So, I think what we did initially was come together around a common goal and now everyone is very active in the community. We share daily updates, we share food pictures, workout selfies, I’ll say drop a gif of how you’re feeling today, that sort of thing. We try to keep it fun.

I initially wanted to set my community up as a family and I think that’s a great angle to take when looking at starting your own community.