Staying motivated as an entrepreneur

When you’re your own boss it can be difficult to hold yourself accountable for your own work.

‘I can do that tomorrow, there’s no time left in the day to start that now.’

Sound familiar? If it does you’re not alone. . .

It’s easy to push back difficult tasks or avoid jobs completely that you don’t want to do. Nobody’s going to ask you why you haven’t done anything if you only answer to yourself.

This can be a dangerous trap for entrepreneurs to fall into. You can spend days or even weeks, working at 50% and before you know it you’re not working at all.

Creating a system that constantly holds you accountable for your own work is essential to avoid OR get out of this trap.

Processes, accountability, and structure are the key talking points for this From Passion to Profession podcast.

Dan chatted with PassionFighter Alexis Salin about her tactic for staying focused when you set your own deadlines.

Guest Profile

Alexis Salin is an Amsterdam based fitness expert who has created the app Tappingfit. Her focus is on helping people who suffer from emotional eating. Her app does this through a combination of exercise, yoga, and tapping (a combination of psychology & acupressure).

This podcast was originally recorded for the PassionFighter Facebook community.

Passion Facts

PassionFighter: Alexis Salin  

Location: Amsterdam

App Name: Tappingfit

App Type: Fitness

Transcribed highlights from the show

Dan: I wanted to ask you about your entrepreneurial journey and how you’ve managed to stay focused and accountable to your own goals during your business journey.

I’m curious to know how you held yourself accountable when nobody was giving you deadlines or setting your projects? How did you do that and what advice would you give others struggling with accountability?

Alexis: When going through the Expert Unleashed Challenge I found I had an enormous sense of drive. I’ve bought other programs like before to see if they’d help me achieve my goals but they’ve never worked for me.

I’ve faced doubts from my family in the past too. A lot of people will say what you’re doing isn’t realistic and it’s just a big dream. Overcoming those internal obstacles is a difficult but you need to if you want to make your business a success.

You don’t feel understood when you know you can really do it and start a business. When I bought I told my husband and he got a bit angry at me. He felt like I’d wasted our money.

What I found however was that skepticism really drove me on to succeed. I thought “I’m going to show you, I know this will work”.

Sometimes I was up until 1am working on my app and I kept telling myself, “I am going to do this, and I’m going to finish it”.

The Expert Unleashed Challenge really helped me along. Every day I set a time to do the work. I kept consistent and didn’t allow myself to miss a day.