As a personal trainer, fitness instructor, or wellness coach, you understand that everyone has their own preferences and goals. Allowing your clients to choose what they want can help them enjoy their workouts more and even achieve better results.

Using the Favorites feature, your clients can create a list of their preferred workouts, meditations, and recipes. It's similar to saving your top shows on Netflix or puppy videos on Instagram.

But there are other benefits too:

  • It can help to motivate your clients. When they choose their favorite exercises and meals, they are more likely to stick to their health and fitness goals.
  • It can help them to focus on what's important. By making a list of their favorite content, they can remain focused on their specific goals.
  • It can lead to increased happiness. When people feel like they have a say in what they're doing, they are more likely to enjoy the experience and be successful in the long run.

Here are just 3 ways your clients can enjoy their journey and achieve better results by using Favorites 👇

1. Create a customized workout routine 🏋️💪

As a coach, you offer your clients a large selection of workouts. However, not every client needs to follow a specific program.

With Favorites, your clients can save the exercises they like from different programs and create their own personalized workout plan. It's easy – they just need to mark the workouts, and your app will automatically save them to a private tab in their profile. No more manual effort needed.

This level of customization gives your clients the power to create a fitness routine that fits their individual needs and preferences. They'll be more motivated and engaged, knowing they have the freedom to choose the exercises they truly enjoy.

2. Save their go-to meditations 🧘🌿

Meditation and relaxation exercises are crucial components of any wellness program. Feeling focused and calm can significantly improve the mood and overall well-being.

Encourage clients to mark their favorite breathing exercises or visualization techniques. By having easy access to these techniques, people can effectively handle stress and anxiety, creating a sense of peace in their everyday lives.

Tip: To create a more engaging experience, you can make a community channel and ask your clients to share their thoughts there.

3. Curate their own recipe book  🍽️ 🥑

Eating well is important for good health, but everyone has their own food preferences. Favorites helps your clients save and keep track of their favorite meals, whether they eat gluten-free, vegan, or dairy-free.

This way, your clients can easily plan meals and make sure they are meeting their dietary needs with just a few taps on your app. It's perfect for trying new recipes or sticking with old favorites.

What kind of experience are you offering?

You don't have to create 200+ courses to deliver a customized experience – you can make your clients' wellness journey more personal by using Favorites.

Let them save, re-visit, and download their favorite content from your app, and make changes to this list at any time. That way, they can enjoy the experience more because it's tailored to what they like.

Learn more about Favorites.