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SmartWorkout Pro

how this fitness brand delivers Its “anytime, anywhere” promise with an app

App users
via €5 lifetime plans
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For SmartWorkout, launching a mobile app wasn’t just about unlocking new revenue from a digital product. It was about creating a fitness guide for customers that was as flexible and portable as its flagship resistance bands.

The results:

  • 25,500+ app users across two apps (one in French and one in English)
  • 72% upsell rate on new orders adding the app to their resistance band purchase—an easy €5 boost to average order value
  • €163,000+ in annual revenue from a €5 app subscription
“ is really a plus for all ecommerce brands—not just fitness—as a value-add to your core products and customer satisfaction.”
Christelle Hess
Co-founder of SmartWorkout

SmartWorkout was started by entrepreneurs Christelle Hess and Lucas Griffon because their busy careers didn’t leave much time for serious fitness. Especially when workouts were tied to the physical location of gyms and expensive monthly memberships.

The best solution for working out anywhere, even in the half-hour gaps of a full schedule, turned out to be progressive resistance training with elastic bands.

Most of the resistance bands they tried were prone to snapping, so they created their own unbreakable resistance bands—perfect for training at home or outdoors.

Hundreds of 5-star reviews later, there was just one thing missing:

A way to extend the “workout anywhere” value proposition of resistance bands to SmartWorkout’s fitness programs too.


The Challenge: Delivering Workout Programs That Worked—Anytime, Anywhere

“Because we’re a fitness brand and want to offer a real solution for people to train at home or outside, it was very important for us to create a fitness guide too,” says Christelle.

The first version of this guide was a free pdf containing the workout programs.

The static format wasn't the most engaging way to show customers how to use the resistance bands effectively, and required linking out to video tutorials on SmartWorkout's YouTube channel.

That wasn’t ideal for obvious reasons:

“I mean, there’s advertising on YouTube.” Christelle points out. No one wants to wait for an ad to finish before they can start a new set.

Portable Document Format (PDF) Wasn’t "Portable" Enough. Customers Wanted an App.

The idea to launch an app actually came from resistance band reviews asking for a mobile app to accompany their workouts. But building a branded native app didn’t seem feasible at the time.

“We are still a very small team and an app is not our core business,” says Christelle. “We really saw it as an accessory for customers and we didn't want it to be too expensive for us or for them. That’s when I saw a Facebook ad about and I thought, yeah, this is exactly what we need.”

The Solution: A Mobile App With Structured Fitness Programs and Progress Trackers

Christelle says it was important to be in control when managing and improving the app.

“The same way we like working with Shopify for our online store, we want to be able to control, customize, and update everything in our app ourselves. It’s very important in the early stages because you’re learning what the customer wants. With, I was able to update my content and create new content whenever I wanted. No large initial investment, no developer.”

With tons of content to repurpose from their YouTube channel, it didn’t take long at all to launch the app. Christelle wanted an MVP (minimum viable product) to quickly test the appetite for an app, something she could manage once a day until they could commit someone full-time.

But the result was better than she expected when the official SmartWorkout Pro app was ready to launch on iOS, Android, and web.

“We initially wanted to make the app free for customers. But when it was ready, we thought, ‘This is actually really nice. What if we make it €5 for lifetime access to a premium plan?’”

Christelle says her favorite features are:

  • Structured courses that let her create weekly fitness programs with specific exercises for each day, combining text. and on-demand video to make it easy to follow along.
  • In-app progress tracking to let users log their reps, body weight, resistance, and more after each workout—especially relevant for progressive resistance training.
  • Flexible pricing models to offer free and premium plans so anyone could try the app before buying.
  • Zapier integration that enables SmartWorkout to sell the app as a digital product through its Shopify store.

Not long after launching the French version of the app, the brand launched a second English version as well. Today, there are over 25,500 users across both apps.

The Big Win: New Ways to Grow the Ecommerce Business with a Digital Product

Connecting with Shopify through Zapier didn’t just allow SmartWorkout to sell the app through its existing checkout.

The integration unlocked new marketing opportunities specific to growing ecommerce businesses:

  • A new offer for promotional campaigns (Christelle says they avoid deep discounts for their core products, even during Black Friday)
  • A dedicated channel for customer success content with structured education and onboarding
  • Stronger positioning and differentiation as the all-in-one on-the-go fitness training solution with both resistance bands and an app
  • An easy digital product to upsell by bundling it in with resistance band purchases—no need to worry about shipping
72% of new orders on SmartWorkout's Shopify store added the app to their purchase.

The App Is Now Part of the SmartWorkout Experience

Since its launch, the SmartWorkout Pro app has come up frequently in reviews with “great value for money" as a recurring theme.

Christelle says the team plans to iterate on the app to make it even better for customers who want flexible fitness programs that get results.

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how this fitness brand delivers Its “anytime, anywhere” promise with an app



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