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“Launching an app without would have cost thousands and taken ages!”
Tiffany Wilkerson
Results Earned

Ellen Decker

Getting people 'Fit in Twenty'


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Ellen Decker

$20,000+ revenue generated

How Colin Hiles stays in the pockets of the UK’s most successful CEOs

Ellen Decker
Fit in Twenty
$20,000+ revenue generated

How Colin Hiles stays in the pockets of the UK’s most successful CEOs

Ellen Decker
Fit in Twenty
$20,000+ revenue generated

How Colin Hiles stays in the pockets of the UK’s most successful CEOs

Ellen Decker
Fit in Twenty

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Ellen Decker

Getting people 'Fit in Twenty'

Ellen Decker is a model, personal trainer & teacher with over 65k Instagram followers. Ellen's app 'Fit in Twenty' offers daily, quick, effective workout routines working all muscles. With a 5 star rating in the Apple app store, you can lose fat, tone up, sculpt and build lean muscle in just 20 minutes each day.

Created her own custom, branded app

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Fit In Twenty
Revenue with 60 subs
Jazlene Briley
This has helped me so much!!!
Dan Davies

Fit In Twenty


$34.99 per month
iOS, Android, Web
Annual Revenue



did it

Recurring income provides a foundation for growth

When Covid hit, Ellen's personal training income stopped. She took stock, built a website but it was her PassionApp that provided a solid foundation on which to grow her business.

Started with an automated 6 week challenge

Ellen created a 6 week challenge - an easy to follow 20 minute routine for each day, with the goal of achieving a 'a strong & confident body'.

Step by step training with interactive exercises

Each workout is delivered in the form of an interactive video so users know how they're doing & what's coming next.

Keeps users motivated with push notifications

Ellen sends automated messages to her subscribers' phone screens to keep them on track. For example if someone has missed a day they might receive a message to encourage them to keep going.

Immersed herself in Passion's training programs

Ellen was selling workouts on her website but her clients found it too hard to follow & wanted a more interactive, mobile first video experience. When she found Passion she immersed herself in the training which gave her the confidence & knowledge to create her own app.

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"Take a leap of faith, trust the process, do the training. With Passion you'll learn so much about sales & building a business"

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Fit In Twenty
On a roll! :)
Feeling strong!!!!

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