Allie Cooper

Escaped the time-for-money trap with just 22 new clients and no commute

Allie Cooper is a circus, aerial art, and aerial rope coach. Her content and app focuses on getting aerial artists back in the air after taking a break from the profession.

Creates content once, gets recurring sales

Reaches a global audience

Earns while she sleeps

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Cirque Plus
Revenue with 50 clients
Anne Parker
So hard, but so worth it!!
Joanne Williams
Wow! Amazing!!

Cirque Plus


$37-$97 per month
iOS, Android, Web
Annual Revenue



did it

Got 22 clients in 7 days with Passion's sales & marketing training

Allie knew she wanted an app but was new to building an online business. Allie followed the Expert Unleashed Challenge giving her the training, tools & confidence to get started. Just 1 week after launching her Cirque Plus app, Allie had made over $4,000.

Sold her first program before she'd made it

Allie launched her app with 22 founder members then began creating the content. She now uses the drip content feature to pre-sell new content & schedule it's release, giving her more time & space to create.

Upsells her clients with quizzes & surveys

Allie uses quizzes and surveys within her app so her clients can provide timely self-assessments. She then uses their responses to tailor the experience.

Interactive step by step workouts

Many of Allie's workouts are delivered as interactive exercises. A timed sequence of exercises for clients to follow provides the maximum impact

Recurring income enabled Allie to grow her business & her family

As a super-busy mum of 3, finding time to build her business has been tough, but Allie's PassionApp has given her the freedom to work flexibly and generate recurring revenue

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"Go through the process. Put in the time with Expert Unleashed and repeat that Challenge 2-3x to distill your message and product. THEN move on to Expert Freedom or Impact Accelerator. I see so many people jumping ahead and being lost and this could be avoided by following the guide and not getting ahead of themselves. "
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Cirque Plus
Revenue with 50 clients
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Feeling strong!!!!

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