Adding an extra zero on to the number of clients you have is a major milestone.

It can take years for a business owner to reach 100 clients and once they've made it there's no guarantee the number of clients will stay over that threshold.

It's a constant slog that can leave entrepreneurs frustrated and worn out. But Patrik Paustian isn't one of those entrepreneurs.

Patrik is a PassionFighter who came on the podcast to talk about leveling up his coaching business from 10 to 100 clients.

Patrik Paustain Guest Profile

Patrik is a fitness coach based in Germany who has created the PassionApp Simply Fit. Patrick's goal is to help people break out of the cycle of weight loss then weight gain he calls the yo-yo effect. Simply Fit helps subscribers do just that.

This podcast was originally recorded for the PassionFighter Facebook community.

Transcribed highlight from the show

Dan: What is your plan for your PassionApp going forward?

Patrik: I’ve already planned to have a membership plan for my app. I sold the initial program for 350 euros for 6 months access to my app after the 30 day challenge I’m doing. So once my first users have went through the app I’ll need to start working on a library of content for the to consume.

It’s a lot of work to do but I want to bring my in-person training clients into the app as well. Maybe for free or maybe to raise the price of the service I’m providing.  

At the moment I’m using two tools, a Google Sheet and a PassionApp. I tell my clients this week choose three training session one from circuit training, one Tabata and one maybe app special. So I tell them what to do in a separate tool and then they complete the training in PassionApps.