Iteration is the key to success when building any product.

Adding features, responding to feedback, and listening to your customers is a sure fire way to build something that people will want to consume.

If you don’t follow the above principles you might find that you end up building something no one wants to use.

Not good.

In this episode of From Passion to Profession, Dan spoke with Lawrence Chin-Albert about the iterative process he went through when creating his PassionApp. They also spoke about weathering the storm that is Covid-19 and how to delegate and manage a small team.

Guest Profile

Lawrence Chin-Albert is an Ohio based personal trainer who owns the FitSpirit brand. He has been using to transfer his business online and add another revenue stream to his service offering.

Passion Facts

PassionFighter: Lawrence Chin-Albert

Location: United States

App Name: FitSpirit

App Type: Fitness

Transcribed highlights from the show

Lawrence: We’ve been talking about doing some online stuff for a couple of years. The pandemic really gave us the push we needed to get that project of the ground and keep our clients.

We had hundreds of hundreds of clients before the pandemic, and then the pandemic came and we went from servicing a couple of hundred people a day to zero.

So we were pushed into trying to get something online and I saw your ads and listened to the webinar you have and I was like ‘ok’ this is something I want to do. So that’s why I joined up, to get a new perspective and guidance to get this done.

Dan: What advice would you give to someone who’s just about to hit their first pancake?

Lawrence: I’d tell them to just go ahead and do it. Don’t try to make it perfect because that was my main problem and has helped me so much with that. Trying to make it perfect encourages procrastination.

So I call it the 3 Ps, perfection personifies procrastination. So just go ahead and do it. It took me too long after signing up on the program and doing the EUC. It took me too long to launch. It took me months. But then, when I launched it, it went bam bam bam bam bam! So my advice is go for it, do it, and don’t try to make it perfect.