How did Georgia Rickard make $150,000 in a weekend?

What did she change in her business strategy to bring about such rapid business hyper-growth.

Or maybe, the question should be…

Who did she bring into her team to advise her new strategy?

(Hint, it was a member of

Georgia sought outside coaching and feedback to help her business grow and we’ll be exploring how she proactively acted on feedback to take her company to the next level.

Guest Profile

Georgia Rickard is a long time magazine editor and travel journalist. She previously edited Australia’s biggest travel magazine and she currently the editor for Virgin Airlines.

She is also the co-founder of The Travel Bootcamp. Georgia teamed up with Australia’s first professional Instagrammer, Lauren Bath, and one of the world’s top ten travel bloggers, Liz Carlson. They started putting together events that would help people make travel blogging their career. This is how The travel Bootcamp was born.  

The Travel Bootcamp teaches people how to monetize their travel. How do you get paid to travel? The Bootcamp has the answers.

Georgia started working with Dan several years ago and since then their events and business have snowballed.  

Check out The Travel Bootcamp here.

Transcribed highlights from the show

Georgia: Last year we had this weekend where we made $150,000. In a weekend, and then we did it again, and again, and again!

It’s funny right, our business went from $700 a week, if we were lucky to $150K in a weekend.

In my old career as a journalist, I used to get paid 70 cents a word. To be a journalist, 70 cents!

So if I’m writing a 1000 word article, and as a travel journalist I’d also have to go traveling for a week to write the actual article, I’d be making around $700 before travel expenses.

It could be around 10 days work for $700 dollars. So to go from that too $150,00 in a weekend is a big shift.

Dan: How did you feel when that happened?

Georgia: Do you know what, actually…

Here’s the thing no-one tells you about making money. Once you work out how to do it, it starts to become like a game. And you think “Oh, how else can I make money?”.

Once you unlock the essential principles of sales and psychology and making money it just becomes a pattern. Something you can repeat, and repeat, and repeat.

And for me now, having worked with you, the coaching and the advice I got from working with you will stay with me for the rest of my life.