Just act natural

How many times have you heard those words when you're being filmed.

Camera’s make a lot of people nervous, having a bright light jammed in your face and a cold lens staring at you can throw off even the seasoned pros.

But once you overcome these nerves you can turn the hard stare of the camera to your advantage and become a charismatic powerhouse who’s able to sell anything on screen, communicate difficult concepts simply, and present your offers with an easy confidence.

All of which equates to greater peace of mind when you see a video sales letter recording session in your diary and adds more dollars to your bank balance.

Confidence on camera isn’t a dark art. Our podcast guest Waymatea Ellis shared her tips for crafting a positive, strong persona in front of the camera in this show.

Waymatea Ellis Guest Profile

Waymatea Ellis is a PassionFighter and mother who has developed the app Joyful Being. Her goal is to help moms get a better understanding of what they want from life, and be intentional with the steps they are taking to get there with Connection, Peace, and Positive Energy.

This podcast was originally recorded for the PassionFighter Facebook community.

Transcribed highlights from the show

Dan: When I saw your ads I was blown away by how natural and charismatic you came across on camera. How did you develop that skill?

Waymatea: So, I didn’t start out with that skill set. I’m a musician so I’ve been onstage and in uncomfortable situations pretty much my whole life. When I was very young my father was a high school teacher and he put a conducting baton in my hand from the age of 4 and put me in front of a Christmas concert.

So, I'm used to people having confidence in me being confident in front of people before I know I am! In a way I'm pretty skilled in fake it till you make it.  

And, I will share that even though that’s true, growing up as a classical pianist and then running my own reggae band, doing a lot of things I actually struggled a lot with shaking.

Even right now, talking to you, I have this response, that makes me want to shake a bit.

It’s nerves but it's also excitement and feeling self conscious I suppose. So when somebody see my video they say “Oh Way, you’re so natural” I’ve practiced that a lot. The act of being myself even in uncomfortable situations.