To be or not to be that's the question.

And it's also a line spoken by actors all over the globe. For those in the know, it's from the Shakespear play, Hamlet.

A famous line every acting coach will teach their students, whether face to face, via Zoom, or using a PassionApp.

Online acting classes are exploding in popularity, PassionFighter and professional actor Nahanni Johnstone, is capitalizing on this growth with her own app, PRO-actor.

Nahanni Johnstone Guest Profile

Nahanni is a New York based acting coach and working actor. She has also modelled for big name brands including: Vogue, L’Oreal, and Diet Coke. She has starred in Blue Bloods, law & Order, & Orange is the new Black. When she’s not acting she’s teaching others her craft either in person or via her PassionApp.

This podcast was originally recorded for the PassionFighter Facebook community.

Transcribed highlights from the show

Dan: Can you tell us about your journey so far and how you found

Well I’ve just finished the EUC and I'm in the process of teaching my first cohort of students. So I sold the training first like you suggested, which was terrifying by the way.

And I don’t know why that was so scary. I’ve been teaching for 12 years but I think it was because I’d be teaching via a new format. So I sold it, I had all these students ready to go and I was like, I gotta do it, I've gotta do it live.

Then I got to the end of the challenge and realised I have got to do the training through the app.

But this actually worked out perfectly because I was already planning on doing an online course when i saw your course and i liked your format I just love the idea of an app, it’s an acting coaching in your pocket. That’s crazy. You can bring the acting coach to set. I just love that idea.

So I dove in and what I realized was what I was planning for my online course. My students didn’t want that. They were way past that. So this was a great learning experience for me because it helped me re-frame who I was actually selling too.

That was massive.