A loyal and active community of clients is essential to be a success in the Passion Economy. But how can you develop a tribe of raving fans?

Do you leverage social media? Arrange meetups with your community, or host group sessions with your clients over video calling platforms.

All of the above are great ways to create a community for your passion business and in this podcast we’ll be discussing community building with The Passion People podcast host Naga Subramanya.

Guest Profile

Naga Subramanya is the Senior Finance Manager at Airmeet, a virtual event platform that is letting creators build communities around their services.  

He is also the host of the Passion People Podcast, a series of impromptu conversations about following a passion, making it manifest, and the trials and tribulations associated with that journey.

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Transcribed highlights from the show

Naga: Anybody who is trying to monetize a skill, ability, or an art is an active member of the Passion Economy.

The reason that I use these specific terms is because we already have professions covered separately and business covered separately. That’s the reason I chose passion, Especially in the Indian context, a lot of people are hesitant to take their passions into full time gigs.

I want to gather stories and methodologies that show people how you can turn your passion into a full time career. If that’s what they want to do by the way. Some people just want their passion to be a part time hobby and that’s cool too.