If used correctly, customer feedback can be a driving force for your product roadmap.

Building a program, app, or item iteratively with your customers lets you gather insights and suggestions whilst you are working.

It’s no good spending years building a product only to find out no one wants its. It is far better to find your customers first and then ask them what they want!

Simple really.  

Podcast guest, Ambarina Rupawalla Hasan, shared her experiences and successes gathering iterative feedback from her clients in this show.

Watch the whole show below or jump to 14.34 to get Ambarina’s insights into iterative customer feedback.  

Guest Profile

Ambarina is a London based mum of 3 who works in the beauty, lifestyle & health industry. She is an accomplished lifestyle writer and influencer but wanted to get more “hands-on” in her industry so she also became a personal trainer.

This led Ambarina to create the BeautyFit app. Her program, the Glow Up method, focuses on helping women 35+ get their fabulous back.  

Passion Facts

PassionFighter: Ambarina Hasan

Location: United Kingdom

App Name: BeautyFit

App Type: Fitness & lifestyle

Launch stats: 10 founding members, over £900 revenue with a lot of that going to charity

Transcribed highlights from the show

Dan: How have you used your current app users to gain more knowledge and direction for your business?

Ambarina: I’ve had some conversations with some of the other PassionFighters about how long our discovery calls were. My calls were on average between an hour and an hour and a quarter.

During that call, I basically got all the information that I wanted and needed. This wasn’t just to see if they were a good fit for me as a client, but also what they wanted, what they were looking for, and why they were doing it.

That was way before I kind of put anything down on paper. I still didn’t know what was going to be included in my app. I had a rough outline of the program but this process really helped clarify it.    

So I think if you’re speaking to your users, which we are, that’s a great way to get information from your users. I know everyone’s afraid of a sales call, and I’m afraid of them just as much as anyone. But what you find is: people want to talk and people like to talk.

As soon as they start talking it’s actually quite hard to keep them on point. My longest call ended up being a 2-hour call and you end up being a bit of a counselor stroke mentor. Even at that stage, even before they’ve paid you any money.

So for me, even if I don’t close these calls and make a sale, I’ve got an hour and a half worth of information I can use to refine my app.