Dare not to compare...

What does this mean?

Marching to the beat of your own drum is the best way to create a unique product.

Don’t feel pressured by what others are doing. Craft an offer you love based on your clients' needs and feedback. That’s the route to success.

Don't compare your business to others. Stick to what you know and that is the easiest way to succeed. This has been Pam Fountas' mantra ever since she started her coaching business.

She's come on the podcast to talk about her 'dare not to compare' mentality and how she's using a PassionApp to expand her coaching offering.

Pam Fountas Guest Profile

Pam is the owner of the Limitless Living PassionApp. Based in Canada, Pam believes fitness and wellness are keys to success in life. Her mantra 'dare not to compare' underpins her own approach to business as well as being a lesson she teaches her students.

This podcast was originally recorded for the PassionFighter Facebook community.

Transcribed highlights from the show

Dan: What does dare not to compare mean?

Pam: So my brand is Limitless Fitness. I do fitness but I very much march to the beat of my own drum and I always have. I often joke that 17 years ago I was a lone ranger in the “BoPo” industry. That's body positively by the way.

BoPo didn’t even exist back then. And so, about 10+ years ago when I had boot camps for women I thought really hard about how I could add a personal growth angle to what I was teaching.

My clients would show up for an hour, we can stretch and chat after but what can help facilitate the community a little bit and so I developed the Limitless Living guiding principles.

And they're not only for fitness but also for life. So, they serve people a lot when they’re in class but outside of it as well.

And so “Dare not to compare” is a mantra I use to remind my own community that they’re on their own journey. They should focus on themselves, what they can change, and be happy with where they’re at.

The great thing about “dare not to compare” is that I use it for my own business development too.