How do you find your dream customer?

How do you advertise to them and what can you do to make them buy your products?

These are all questions a business owner needs to think about if they want their business to be successful.

Identifying your ideal customer can be tricky. It often requires a lot of reflection and research to truly nail down who your dream customer is.

Finding your dream customer is the focus of this podcast and you can watch the whole show below.

Guest Profile

Antoinette McDonnell is a yoga teacher who built the PassionApp ZenYoga. She is based in Ireland and found the biggest hurdle she overcame when creating her passion business was really nailing her dream customer. She came on the podcast to talk about that journey.

Passion Facts

PassionFighter: Antoinette McDonnell

Location: Republic of Ireland

App Name: ZenYoga

App Type: Yoga & Wellness

Transcribed highlights from the show

Antoinette: I was going through the Expert Unleashed Challenge and it really racked my brains. There was so much amazing information to take in. It was a real learning journey!

When I started the challenge I wasn’t really sure how to find my ideal customer, but as the challenge evolved it did become clear to me that my ideal customer was actually someone like myself.

It was women like myself, who have gone through or are going through, what I went through. They were people I could really resonate with and really help. It’s important for me to be able to really help people.

I get more satisfaction and I feel like my work is more worthwhile when I’m actually helping people. So, basically, I’m a single mother who went through a difficult separation a good number of years ago, two young children.

Through this personal experience, I realized that my ideal customer was a busy mom, who feels totally overwhelmed. They’re caught between home life, working, & children. She’s not looking after herself properly, she’s neglecting herself and she’s put on a bit of weight.

She doesn’t really have any direction and she’s lost some physical and mental strength.

So, because I’ve been through that experience I really click with other women who are going through the same. Helping people out of the situation I was in is extremely rewarding and that’s how I decided who my ideal customer was.