“I had the job, the money, the title, the company car. I had everything but I was losing my family...”

Sam Crowley's  story isn’t unique. You might be in a similar situation right now.

We’re always told to go for the dream job. But often we realize what matters most to us isn’t money.

It’s spending time with the ones we love…

And not being a burnt-out wreck at the end of the day.

Achieving this goal can seem impossible. You can’t just quit your job right? Who’ll pay the bills? How will you manage?

But Sam’s story is proof you can get of the corporate hamster wheel and take steps towards living a life you want. He details his journey in this podcast and we cover:

  • How to overcome self-doubt and complete your goals quicker and with more confidence
  • Canning the 9 to 5 to live the life you desire, spend more time with friends, family, AND make more money!
  • Overcoming the haters, don’t let negative comments get you down, use them to give you energy
  • The ‘then what’ mindset, no problem is impossible, how you can achieve anything you focus on
  • How to position yourself as a thought leader and why being an ‘industry leader’ isn’t a requirement, if anything, it's a hindrance!
  • How podcasting can massively benefit your business and why you’re not too late to jump on the bandwagon and reap the rewards

Sam Crowley Guest Profile

After spending 15 years working with a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company Sam decided a radical career shift was needed.

He, like many others, believed that working your way up the corporate ladder was the key to success. The ticket to your dream life.  But Sam realized he was spending every waking moment at work, and the thing that really mattered to him, his family, was getting left behind.

The penny finally dropped one Monday when his daughter asked “Is tomorrow Saturday?”. That was the only day she could spend with her Dad. It was at this point Sam quit being a corporate slave and set himself the goal to make Everyday a Saturday.

Sam began a motivational podcast, speaking at events, and founded launchmymovement.com. He now helps people build their own mission-driven podcasts.  

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Transcribed highlights from the show

Sam: And that’s when I realized this whole ‘Everyday is Saturday’ thing is a mindset. It’s not a circumstance, or how much money you can get, or how big your house is.

When you look up at the clock at the end of the day and you see it's 5 O’clock and it's time to stop work. You shouldn’t believe that. How can time go that fast, I’m having too much fun. That’s central to the ‘’Everyday is Saturday’ mindset.

When you’re in a job, especially one you don’t like, you’re staring at a clock thinking “How is it going so slow”. When you’ve got that “Everyday is Saturday” mindset you just think ‘why can’t I keep going?’.

Great, that’s the difference.