Neal Schaffer believes that fame & influence don’t go hand in hand.

Not anymore anyway….

The internet has democratized the influencer space. Anybody can build a personal brand online.

Famous influencers are a thing of the past. You don’t need to be Tom Cruise or Madonna to be a brand ambassador.

All you need is a niche following and great content.

Ok, that’s made it sound super easy to become an influencer. It’s not!

But becoming an influencer is an achievable goal for those with the drive to get there.

If you’re interested in growing your brand power online then our show with Neal Schaffer will give you the tools you need to expand on social media presence.

Neal Schaffer Guest Profile

Neal Schaffer is a Digital, Social Media, & Influencer Marketing expert. He's also Keynote Speaker, Consultant, and University Educator.

When Neal is not consulting or teaching he hosts his own podcast 'Maximize Your Social Influence' and is a prolific author covering subjects ranging from influencer marketing, social media strategy, and converting clients on LinkedIn.

Neals latest book, The Age of Influence is available on his Amazon now:

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Transcribed highlights from the show

Dan: How would you define influencer marketing?

Neal: With the advent of social media we’ve seen the democratization of influence. If you’re a younger person this point might go over your head a bit but when I was growing up I was in high school when Top Gun came out!

The weekend after it launched one of my good friends shows up to school with a motorcycle, Tom Cruise hair, a black leather jacket, the works. And all the girls in my school wanted to look like Madonna.

Those were the influencers of my time. Of the 80’s. You had to be famous in traditional media. Now I look at my kids, they’re about the same age. It’s Tik Tokkers, Instagrammers, it’s Youtubers, it’s people I’ve frankly, never heard of.

And this is because influence has really become democratized. From a narrow set of channels; television, radio, & sport to anyone and everyone.

So anyone can become an influencer, and the idea is that when anyone becomes an influencer you are number 1 a content creator because that is the fuel of digital and social media. You cannot get found without content, but you’re also building a community around your specific niche or topic you’re an expert in.