Selling is tough. Some might say it’s horrible!

But no one was born a salesperson. It’s a skill anyone can learn.

And you can sell ethically,

or be a bad salesperson.

Using underhand tactics to get sales over the line.  

That second approach isn’t good. But it can be so easy to slip into when the pressure of selling gets on top of you.

Thankfully our guests for this podcast, Jonny Watson & Yuself Smith are fitness entrepreneurs and online coaches who have developed a system and mindset for ethical selling.

Find out how they approach sales calls and learn more about their brand, Propane Fitness in this show.  

Jonny Watson & Yusef Smoth Guest Profile

Jonny Watson & Yusef Smith are the founders and owners of Propane Fitness and Propane business.

Friends and business partners for over a decade, they both quit their corporate jobs in 2015 to take Propane full time.

They’ve been in the trenches of personal training, trading time for money, and working long hours to make ends meet. Once they took Propane online they began to regain a work-life balance. Now they’ve taken the next step and they’re teaching their secrets to other fitness professionals allowing them to live a freedom lifestyle.  

Check out Propane Fitness & Propane Business over on their websites and socials:

Transcribed highlights from the show

Jonny: The goal is to get away from organic marketing as quickly as possible. Most people have done organic to death. They’ve been posting on Instagram, Youtube, and facebook and haven’t really seen the results from it.

We basically use their organic following one last time, one last hurrah as a way to get validation and get paid traffic.

Do you agree with that?

Dan: For those of you listening to this and not watching it, I’m on the video here slowly clapping. But yeah, 100% I 100% agree.

Jonny: And that is the 14 day challenge, it’s built as a sales funnel chunked down into bite sized chunks for a fitness consumer. So they’re not going to watch a webinar, they don’t need to press the right button on your messenger bot, they just want to lose a bit of weight for Ibiza in May.

So, 14 days is a blend of value and selling. At the end of it, the idea is if you get to day 13 and then you’re upsold into a 6 to 12 week trial and from there you can use that upfront revenue to spend on marketing if you want to scale aggressively.

Dan: How do you approach sales calls in the right way?

Yusef: I think it's really important to get the right people into your funnel. Don’t get on the phone with someone who isn’t interested in working with you.

People think sales calls are some type of black magic where you’ve got to drag someone over the line who isn’t interested in buying something off you in the first place. And if someone is not willing to buy there’s no Derran Brownery that’s going to get them to buy.

And if you knew some secret NLP tips that got them to buy all you’re going to get is a customer that regrets it.

What you want to do is get someone on the phone who is already interested in working with us from the nurturing our content has done.

We’re very overt about this too. We say in our business podcast, we’re giving you all this content so you can see we are credible and when you’re ready to work with us you can pick up the phone.