Surprising hacks for growing and monetizing your podcast

Podcasts are more than just a friendly chat.

Used properly, with the right business goals in mind, they can exponentially grow your company's ROI, attract new clients to your business, and open up collaborations with brands you’ve always wanted to work with.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t but to get all the benefits mentioned above you need to make sure your podcast is something truly special.

Podcast guest Annemarie Cross shares her hacks for making an amazing podcast in this show. She tells you what to avoid if you want to monetize your podcast and how to grow your audience into an engaged, active, and real community.

Annemarie Cross Guest Profile

Annemarie Cross is known as the podcasting queen. She hosts the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show and the founder of Podcasting with Purpose, a company built to help business owners find their podcasting niche and grow their brand’s revenue with their own show.

You can attend one of Annemarie’s free training sessions using the link below.

Transcribed highlights from show

Dan: Why is podcasting so powerful?

Annemarie: Podcasting is so powerful because it gives you a very unique way to communicate with your audience, customers, leads, and potential buyers. Even though it seems like a one-way communication it's absolutely not.

A host may be speaking or interviewing a guest. This seems very one way but it actually opens up lots of opportunities for dialogue with your audience.

One of the things I found after nearly 13 years in podcasting, in comparison to a medium like blogging is: there’s a level of connection, I’ve gotten feedback from my audience and some of them turned into clients.

I’ve not seen this in any other medium. It’s almost as if your audience is there as you are communicating. The way you actually communicate on a show, that’s going to make a difference too, in how you engage your listeners. But it is a deeper connection.