It’s daunting starting an online business. There are so many technical things to consider.

What is SEO? Do I need paid ads? Should I use social media? But the two most important questions you need to ask are:

  1. How do I get traffic to my site?
  2. How do I get sales?

Podcast guest Jill Stanton will be tackling the first question in this show. Jill has built a portfolio of over 30 online businesses and will be sharing her 3 tips for getting quality online traffic to your product or service.

The podcast also covers:

  • The benefits of being a digital nomad and the steps anyone can take to start working from the beach
  • When is the right time to screw the nine to five (Hint it’s probably a lot closer than you think)
  • What is radical responsibility and how mastering it can give you greater control over your life.

Jill Stanton Guest Profile

Jill is one half of the husband and wife team behind the Screw the Nine to Five movement. She is a podcast host and coach who is helping individuals break free from the shackles of the nine to five, become location independent, and live a life they really want.

Jill started this movement to show others how they can make money online while living overseas. Jill is also the host of The Millionaire Girls Club podcast. You can find her site and podcasts using the links below:

Screw the Nine to Five:

Screw the Nine to Five Podcast:

The Millionaire Girls Club Podcast:

Transcribed highlights from the show

Dan: Let’ talk about the 3 ways that we, as digital entrepreneurs, can get traffic to our products and services. What are your three tips for bringing in the traffic?

Jill: Well, if you want to get the traffic super quick you’d pay for it. Pay to play. Facebook ads, Youtube ads, whatever. Pick your poison!

Right, so number one, paid traffic. Is always easy.

Number two. This, getting on other peoples podcasts, or video shows, or blogs or social media shoutouts. If you’re on a guest on a platform whose audience aligns with yours then that’s a great way to grow your following organically.

So, quick recap.

  1. Paid traffic
  2. Visibility work

And another one is: now, I’m not the biggest fan of social media. I feel it plays you not the other way around. But if you feel called to build this rock solid social media profile, spend all your time on IG or whatever it is, have at it.

I like doing shortcuts, so signing up for services like HARO (Help A Reporter Out), and start doing media queries, and start submitting quotes, or little snippets that you can use to get featured in guest publications.

You can start submitting content to places like, or does a lot of queries on HARO.

Start guest posting, open up a Google search and brain dump a list of synonyms that are related to your niche put them in the search bar and in quotes put ‘write for us’.

This will bring up a short list of online sites looking for writers on your topic.

These are all great ways to grow your organic audience.