What do you need to truly succeed in business?

Is it a super-specific niche? Nope

Is it a social media presence that is out of this world? Again. . . Nope

Is it a savvy sales script and a great telephone manner? For a third time. . . Nope

All these things are important (and you can’t succeed without them) but unless you have a success mindset non of the rest matter.

The right mindset is what keeps you going when you get your third “No thanks” of the day. It keeps you going when you’re 2 days away from launching your latest product and you’ve still got a ton of work to do.  

The right mindset is what keeps you on track when everything else is trying to pull you off it!

Sharing his thoughts on mindset and how he overcame the hurdles our training program, the Expert Unleashed Challenge, threw at him, is Radcliff Durousseau.

Guest Profile

Radcliff is the founder of the Rad Bod App. It’s a diverse collection of workouts utilizing various training methods to provide whole-body functional training with minimal equipment! After some initial cautious, skepticism, he dived right into EUC. After preparing mentally for the challenges it held he managed to double the number of people who signed up for his first 6-week challenge. He’s come on the podcast to talk about this journey.

Passion Facts

PassionFighter: Radcliff Durousseau

Location: United States

App Name: Radbod

App Type: Fitness & Martial Arts

Launch stats: 11 sign-ups in his first cohort

Transcribed highlights from the show

Radcliff: We want our hobby, projects, and passion to work but we don’t understand the effort. You have to put yourself in a very aggressive mindset in as far as accepting the effort that it’ll take to achieve your goal.

You need to know that the work is going to be there. I even slipped during the whole process. I had such a great launch that I thought ‘man, once my app goes, it’s going to be great’, and then it didn’t and I was like, oh wow.

And then I thought, maybe I should look at these other videos that Dans posted. So I went through the rest of the marketing stuff and you were talking about stuff like “Instagram doesn’t transfer, this doesn’t transfer and I was like, oh. . .

I’ve got to start from ground zero again to build up the app. So I was re-building my mindset around that.

So, it’s being able to really identify your slips and falls and picking yourself up by using a strong mindset you’ve developed. Having a belief in yourself is a massive part of that.

You have to remain mindful of the effort you need to put into any project or business and believe in it to make it a success.