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The power of saying No

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About our guest

Running a business is all about getting more clients right? More customers mean more money.

More money equals more success, right?

Not always, it's far better to cherry-pick your clients and only serve customers who fit really well with your brand, program, or ethos.

Ill-fitting, nightmare clients will drain your energy, time, and ultimately cost you money.

You don't need that headache, it's far better to politely direct them somewhere else.

But how can you spot a NO prospect? What do you say to them to let them down gently? Should you ever take on a difficult client against your better judgment?

Helping us answer these questions is podcast guest, Kirsten Haglund.

Kirsten Haglund Guest Profile

Kirsten is a Canada-based fitness professional who has built the PassionApp, Push Fitness. She launched her first Passion program in 30 days with over 10 new high paying clients and made over $4000.

This podcast was originally recorded for the PassionFighter Facebook community.

Transcribed highlights from the show

Dan: So tell me, why did you let this person go from your program?

Kirsten: So, we had a transformation call, which are great by the way. And when I was speaking to this potential client they were excited by also wanted to join the program to see if they could learn off me and improve their own course.

I’m all about helping, I’ve got no issues with that. But by the end of the first week I really got the picture that she wasn’t focused on her own fitness or on eating healthy and putting any effort in the meals plans I was providing.

And, as you said, we build a community with these people, whether it’s 5, 10, 15, 20 people and she was bringing the high energy down.

So i reached out virtually via Zoom and I told her, regrettably, this isn’t a good fit for you. I’ll give you a full refund, and that was something in all my years of teaching I’ve never done.

We all experience difficult people but we always tell ourselves the money is more important. I’ve gotta just deal with it and suck it up. But you know what it was very empowering. And I think it took her back a little bit, but in the end I know she walked aways knowing I made her feel respected, and she got her money back.

She’s not going to now go round and tell people she signed up for a thing that took her money. She’s going to go out and tell the truth and there’s no hard feelings. So now our group, the energy is right where it needs to be and that’s what I want always for my clients.

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