Finding the right balance between giving your students content they really want to learn and things they’ve got to know can be tricky.

Most students want to rush ahead to the fun stuff, often at the expense of the vital fundamentals.

If this sounds like your students you’re not alone. Learning a new instrument, coding language, or art technique is tough and it can be tempting for students to either give up or focus solely on things they can do and that means their progress halts.

But our latest podcast guest, David A Jones has found a way to combine the wants and needs of his students seamlessly into a single lesson.

This has led to happier students who love what David teaches. He explains his methods and practices in this podcast. In the show we cover:

David’s approach to creating online content and what he’s doing differently to 90% of the course creators out there.

He shares with us the lessons he decides to commit to video and what he leaves out for in-person learning and why.

And David stresses the importance of finding the right audience for your products and why they might not be who you think they are.

David A Jones Guest Profile

David is the co-founder of Presto music School, he has been teaching music for over 20 years and Presto is one of the UK's leading music schools.

David never really considered going online until he came across He’s now supplementing his in-person learning with a PassionApp and using the platform to attract new leads to his business.

This podcast was originally recorded for the PassionFighter Facebook community.

Transcribed highlight from the show

Dan: What does the Presto music app aim to achieve?

David: I think it’s aim is one of the reasons why it’s become so successful because we’ve embodied the teaching, inch wide mile deep. We’ve picked a niche and we’ve gone for it.

So, if I had to choose our ideal customer, our ideal customer is actually my youngest son, Charlie. He’s 14, he wants to be a rock star, he’s going about it in the right way, he’s a demon guitarist, we should get him on here.

He’s a cracking guitarist, but sometimes loses a little bit of focus, needs some help in that regard. And needs some encouragement off the xbox, a little bit too much of that going on.

So you know the struggles and we needed something that’d draw him in, keep him engaged, and most importantly be fun.

So the presto music apps aim is to create a training app that is gamified, fun, engaging, and will build positive habits in its users.