Eric Siu has heard it all before.

"Video games are a waste of time. After all, what can they teach you?"

Well, an awful lot actually.

From reacting to pressure and problem solving — to mindset training and teamwork...

The list is endless.

Gaming is big business, and contrary to popular belief, computer games are packed full of transferable skills.

If you’ve got the aptitude and curiosity to play, and if you enjoy diving into pixelated worlds, then gaming is a hobby that can set you up for life.    

That’s exactly what happened to our podcast guest Eric Siu. Eric is a gamer who realized that life was just one big video game. He uses the skills he learned while gaming to master his real world problems.

We cover his unique approach to life and gaming in the podcast and discuss:  

  • Why playing games can be your superpower to creating a thriving business
  • The three specific power-ups you can use to accelerate your growth
  • How entrepreneurs with tons of ideas can cut through the noise and focus on the biggest needle movers.

Eric Siu Guest Profile

Eric is an investor, podcaster, and author. He’s also the chairman of SingleGrain & Click Flow. His book, Leveling Up, is released on the 24th of February.It takes the principles and lessons Eric learned while playing video games and applies them to the game of life.

Get your copy of Leveling up here:

Transcribed highlights from the show

Dan: They say everyone in the world has one good book in them. So, what was the trigger for you to write a book?

Eric: Over 3 billion people in the world play video games. I think sports is widely acknowledged because it's been around for 1000s of years, right? People understand the benefits of it.

To me, gaming is a training ground as well. It’s a shadow world, you’re going in there you’re training, you’re learning resilience, teamwork and all that. When you come back you can transfer that into the real world.

So, for example, my communication skills are a lot faster, I react a lot faster, I actually talk very fast too. You know, even typing. Typing now I can go up to 144 words per minute. That’s not to brag it’s just an example of how I’ve been trained through gaming.

And, you know, it has a bad stigma but gaming actually creates leaders. Some of the best leaders in the world have played games. Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, they’ve all played games.

We’ve seen people who are champions in gaming who have led multiple companies, so it can have a negative stigma but for me it had the same benefits as traditional sports.

And, as with everything, whether it’s esports, ‘traditional’ sports or anything else. Balance is key.