Tiffany Wilkerson

Makes up to $800 a seat for her 6 week challenges

Results Earned is the exclusive workout method Tiffany Wilkerson designed for herself and her personal training clients to build strength, stamina and stay lean without hours of training per day or giving up pizza or ice cream!

Creates content once & sells

Reaches a global audience

Earns while she sleeps

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Results Earned
Revenue with 50 clients
Samuel Manning
Love it!!
Pait Jones
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Results Earned


$80 per month, $400+ per 6 wk challenge
iOS, Google, Web
Annual Revenue



did it

Step by step training with interactive exercises

Tiffany provides step by step, timed, interactive exercises. "My clients love the app because it’s so simple & straightforward to use!"

Created 6 week challenges that sell

Results Earned app includes 6 x 6 week challenges, selling for $400+ each. Tiffany upsells her customers from one challenge to the next.

40 clients, $16k.. in 6 days

Having moved from Trainerize, Tiffany completed The 30 day Expert Unleashed Challenge training giving her the expertise she needed to successfully launch her own custom, branded app

$4,650 Recurring income on autopilot

Tiffany's app delivers a variety of day by day workouts, giving her time to offer personal, high touch training on top.

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“Passion has completely changed my business and life! Each step is broken down into understandable actions. Launching an app without would have cost thousands & taken ages! streamlines the process. I just love it!”
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Results Earned
Revenue with 50 clients
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